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Statement on recent Kill the Bill sentencing

This May we have seen another round of sentencing for at least 4 comrades, for standing up to the police during the 2021 Kill the Bill uprising in Bristol. On Friday 12th May, Danny, Carmen, and Leah were sentenced, and on Monday 22nd May, Foxy was sentenced.

Although these defendants had been left waiting for over 2 years by the courts, we turned up in force to show that they are not alone and not forgotten. They were met with solidarity demos outside court in the
mornings, and courtrooms full of supporters during their hearings.

Danny, pleading to riot and arson against a police vehicle, was given a heavy 4.5 year prison sentence by Judge Patrick. And Foxy, pleading to violent disorder, was given 2.5 years. We’re sending them both so much love and solidarity, and you can find details to write to them below. The more they try to silence our
resistance, the louder we must shout.

With our hearts heavy over long prison sentences, we’re happy to announce that Carmen and Leah were both handed suspended sentences (10 month suspended for Carmen for affray, 2 month suspended for Leah for criminal damage and assaulting an emergency worker). Both have been given 2 months on tag with curfew, and have to do unpaid work. The violence of the carceral state stretches out well beyond the
prison walls, and we recognise that surveillance technologies (like electronic monitoring) extend the reach of that violence even further.

We stand in solidarity with Danny, Carmen, Leah, and Foxy, and thank everyone who has supported the defendants so far. We will never let our comrades go down quiet and alone. Thank you to all the defendants’ friends and families for their support, as well as BDS and ABC for their amazing solidarity work.


Write to prisoners, show them they’re not alone!

You can find updates and more addresses at

Daniel Ellis

Richard Fox A6546EY

HMP Bristol, 19 Cambridge Rd, Horfield, Brisgol, BS7 8PS

Among other things, Danny is interested in astronomy/astrophysics; plants, foraging, fungi and permaculture; geography and environmental science.


You can contact BARC at, or on instagram @bristolantirepression.
you can donate to the prisoner support fund here.

Solidarity 4ever, til all are free!

Bristol Anti Repression Campaign

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