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50 years ago: The Trial of the Stoke Newington Eight

The Angry Brigade was one of the most famous and controversial phenomenons of the 1970s. Rising out of the general furor of the period, which had also produced the likes of the Red Army Faction in Germany and the Red Brigades in Italy, the non-lethal group carried out a series of property bombings leading to

New court support group, Activist Court Aid Brigade, forms after closure of LDMG

LDMG is dead, long live ACAB! The demise of the Legal Defence Monitoring Group (LDMG) – the country’s longest standing defendant support organisation – left a conspicuous hole in the activist legal support apparatus that emerged from the anti poll tax campaign, Climate Camp and the 2010 student protests. While GBC and other Netpol affiliated

Fight the extradition of Lauri Love

On the 16th of September 2016 at Westminster Magistrates Court the extradition proceedings of Lauri Love (a computer scientist accused of hacking) were approved with leave to appeal. Lauri is being extradited to face charges of hacking to government websites and stealing data from three states in the U.S He faces a sentence of up to