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Fight the extradition of Lauri Love

On the 16th of September 2016 at Westminster Magistrates Court the extradition proceedings of Lauri Love (a computer scientist accused of hacking) were approved with leave to appeal. Lauri is being extradited to face charges of hacking to government websites and stealing data from three states in the U.S He faces a sentence of up to 99 years according to his U.S. lawyer Tor Eckland.

A group of his supporters, as well as the media, were present outside the court. At 2pm, the public gallery was full, people were even sitting on the stairs hoping for a positive outcome for Lauri . District Judge Nina Tempa arrived and within two minutes recommended that Lauri Love be extradited to the U.S. The three extradition requests were granted with appeal.

Outside the courts after the hearing Lauri made a statement, ‘If you have come here for justice then you have missed it’

Lauri’s case will now go to Amber Rudd home secretary for another decision on his extradition on November 16th2016. He then has the option to appeal.

The case of Lauri Love is a sad one. On the 15th of July 2015 Love was arrested on behalf of the US government. He participated in an online protest hacking into U.S government websites and stealing data as part of #OpLastResort. #OpLastResort was an online protest spurred by the suicide of Aron Swartz who was facing a 30 year prison sentence in the U.S.

What makes this case so sad is that Lauri has threatened suicide over the fact of the harsh treatment in U.S prisons and not being able to cope with his mental and physical health issues, Asperger’s, depression and asthma, in a foreign country without his carers. He is fighting for a fair trial in the U.K. He declared,“ The only way they will take me to the U.S is in a body bag”.

The district Judge Nina Tempa has dismissed these concerns stating “….but I have found that the U.S prison estate, on arrival and ensuring any sentence if he is convicted will comprehensively be met by the U.S authorities.”

Lauri Love is a computer scientist who can serve the public by making the internet a safe place instead of serving an unjust sentence in inhumane conditions in the USA, risking suicide. His potential sentence is grossly unfair, 99 years is far more than the maximum sentence for murder or rape. Moreover, such a sentence should not exist for political protest and political activists should not have to face the same end as the very thing they were protesting against. The case of Lauri Love is unfair and he needs your support.

You can help either with a donation or writing a letter to your M.P. Further information can be found at: In support of Lauri Love: The courage Foundation.

Uzma Malik

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