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Hospitals in Burgas are ‘full’ of unidentified bodies

Bulgaria: Chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev says of the state of migration in Bulgaria that: “Hospitals in Burgas are full of unidentified dead persons that hunters find in the forest. They cannot be released because their identities cannot be established.” The district’s only forensic doctor, Dr. Galina Mileva, has commented upon this horrifying reality: “There is

The Commune and the Balkans: The Case of Bulgaria

If we are to try to identify some of the most important aspects of the history of the Balkans, we cannot but point out the persistent vision of a surprisingly consistent utopia…~Andrej Grubacic[efn_note][/efn_note] The Commune, as a political form, was a reoccurring theme within Bulgaria’s liberatory movement that fought against the Ottoman Empire, suggesting

Bulgaria: Antifa stands up to fascist march

Bulgarian Antifa held a protest in Sofia under the slogan  ‘No Nazis on Our Streets, No to Fortress Europe” on 17th February against the annual fascist demo commemorating Hristo Lukov: a World War 2 politician, minister of war, and a supporter of Nazi Germany. Lukov was a leader of of the ultra-nationalistic organization Union of the National Bulgarian