Democracy and the NHS

The mythology regarding the 1945-51 Labour governments dies hard on the left, particularly in the era of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour which often sees itself taking up the mantle of an older, less compromised, form of state socialism. The foundation of the welfare state and the National Health Service is a special touchstone, with both it and its founder, Nye Bevan (pictured above with nursing staff at Park Hospital, Davyhulme) seen… Continue reading

Calls rise for full Scottish spycops inquiry as police admit holding secret files

Police Scotland has confirmed the existence of 1,168 files linked to the policing of protests in 2005 against the G8 in Scotland, including one described as holding “intelligence briefings” on spycops — prompting campaigners to raise new calls for a Scottish inquiry.

A full inquiry into abuses carried out by the disgraced National Public Order Intelligence Unit at the time should be commissioned, rather than letting the… Continue reading

Germany: FAU calls for May Day solidarity with migrants – we are workers all

Anarchists in Germany have called for May Day 2017 to focus on solidarity with migrants in the face of one of the fiercest reactionary backlashes of the modern era.

The FAU anarcho-syndicalist union is launching the action, saying that “migrants are workers, just like us” but are especially suffering under the current political conditions in Europe and are uniquely exposed to capitalist exploitation. In a statement, the union’s international committee… Continue reading

Repression in Russia and Spain spikes against anarchists

Two major reports from branches of the Anarchist Black Cross have provided insights into the impact of repressive measures being taken against anarchists in Russia and Spain under the guise of “anti-terror” strategies.

In Russia, ABC Moscow has collated an overview of repressions from over the last year.

Here in the prison I have started to feel a deep hate for the modern state apparatus and class society.… Continue reading

Louis Further: Notes From The US

Early one morning a dirty but originally silver oil tanker on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, California, near the busiest traffic intersection in the world could be seen with this message painted on its oval back:

John 3:18: Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.

Minutes later,… Continue reading

The Tories and the Union Barons: A Love Story

The Tories are always banging on about union barons and the menace that they are to society. On the one hand they cajole their members into strike action and on the other they cause widespread disruption to working people. Whenever reforms to the strike laws are proposed it’s under the guise of reducing the power of the barons and making the unions more democratic. Actually the Tories have… Continue reading

Italy: Base unions to strike against destructive “good schools” law

A nationwide strike called by base unions against implementation of Law 107, better known as the “good school” law, is set to happen on Friday 17th.

The education sector is already experiencing the devastating effects of reforms desired by the Renzi government and former education minister Stefania Giannini, extending the powers of principals, the introduction of the “merit award,” extensions of the school-work system, the… Continue reading

Moreton Hall inmate speaks out: “People are coming in here normal and going out mental”

Campaigners managed to make contact with detainees in the notorious Moreton Hall immigration detention centre yesterday after one refugee scaled a 20 foot fence to talk about conditions inside. The unnamed man said:

We are not criminals! We are asking for asylum here. People here need medical attention and social care”” (two people have died within six weeks). People are coming in here normal and going out mental.… Continue reading

Picturehouse’s union-busting job ads brag about union-won wage

Union activists who have been campaigning to get Picturehouse Cinemas to negotiate on implementing a living wage in London got a nasty little surprise when they came into work on Friday, after the Hackney branch covered its front door with a giant “we’re hiring” advert.

And adding insult to injury the firm was bragging about its £9.05 pay offer — which was only won after a major campaign… Continue reading

Axe Drax: Campaign to pressure fossil fuel firm will hit AGM

The Axe Drax campaign, which is pushing back against energy firm’s grandiose greenwashing campaign, is planning to confront executives at their upcoming AGM.

In the face of a strong campaign to close Drax down which saw a major climate camp set up in 2006 and a series of high-profile direct actions since, bosses have gone to great lengths to portray it as a nimble company… Continue reading