London callout: noise demo in solidarity with Barcelona’s war on gentrification

July 7th: On Monday 8th July at 8.30am, activists will gather in front of Blackstone offices at 40 Berkley Square in London W1 J5AL for a noise demo to show solidarity with Barcelona’s residents fighting against gentrification.

Barber bosses go berserk in Brighton wage battle

June 26th: The bizarre confrontation saw two men, who have been accused of ripping off one of their staff in a wages dispute, hold up traffic while throwing an almighty tantrum involving smashed furniture, shirtless pushing and rolling on the floor as they demanded that the Solidarity Federation (SolFed) stop picketing them.

Squatter’s Digest: Festivals and Frontlines

June 23rd: As the riot police continued to batter the last of our barricades, blasting through the structural brickwork of the back entrance to our squat I knew it was time to go.

Italian political prisoners hunger strike against repression

June 21st: Two Italian anarchists, Anna Beniamino and Silvia Ruggeri, on hunger strike for nearly a month, have now been joined by six more comrades in prisons across the country.

‘Unofficial industrial action’ at MGT Power Plant in Teesside enters 5th day

June 5th: The workers at MGT Power Plant in Teesside start day five of their spontaneous protest today.

Revealed: Killdren are sell-outs

June 4th: Sitting at our Angel Alley headquarters, we were quite astonished to see the media shitstorm unraveling around Killdren, a popular London band self-describing their music as a ‘two-bit rave-punk’, and also good comrades of ours.

Brighton: a business threatens to blacklist SolFed member

May 24th: The Brighton Solidarity Federation is currently in dispute with CJ Barbers, a barber shop which owes one of SolFed’s members two months in unpaid wages.

Royal College of Nursing to support decriminalisation of prostitution

May 21st: The Royal College of Nursing (RNC) has voted yesterday in favour of the motion that “this meeting of Congress calls upon the RCN Council to lobby governments across the UK to decriminalise prostitution.”

Anarchist Festival 2019

May 12th: Following the success of last year’s weekend of decentralised anarchist happenings, the Anarchist Festival is back this year, this time aiming to host events scheduled across the country.

London: TERFs crash Mayday march

May 1st: Today in London, a group of Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) attempted to join the Mayday march with a transphobic banner.