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Twickenham Stadium arms fair venue defaced

Yesterday morning, Palestine Action covered Twickenham Stadium in blood red paint, hours before the Defence IQ’s ‘International Armoured Vehicles’ expo was due to commence.  

The event, which is marketed as “the world’s premier international meeting ground for all elements of the armoured community“, hosts representatives of Israel’s weapons trade, including the largest weapons company, Elbit Systems Ltd, along with representatives of their British subsidiary Elbit Systems UK and the Israeli state owned arms manufacturer, Rafael. 

“That Israeli arms dealers are invited as guests of honour at a time when their deadly output is on full show in the Gaza genocide should shame all people who enter this abominable event. After developing their weaponry in the Laboratory of Palestine, Elbit and Rafael then sold these technologies to other regimes. While our governments happily turn a blind eye to this brutality, Palestine Action will continue to work to make sure that Israeli war criminals have nowhere to hide.”

~ A Palestine Action spokesperson

Based in Haifa, Elbit is responsible for the manufacture of vast amounts of the Israeli state’s military technologies – including 85% of its drones and land-based military equipment, all of its small-calibre ammunition, and an array of munitions, surveillance and targeting technologies, and other armaments. 

During the current onslaught on Gaza, which has thus far martyred over 25,000 Palestinians, Elbit Systems’ CEO described the company as playing a crucial role in the genocide, which received gratitude for this by the Israeli military. From this country, Elbit exports numerous drone technologies, surveillance and targeting systems, and other weaponry to the Zionist regime from manufacturing sites in Shenstone, Tamworth, Kent, Bristol, and Leicester. 

Palestine Action has, for over three years, worked to prevent manufacture at these premises and to disrupt Elbit’s appearances and marketing wherever possible – including at high-security weapons fairs such as this. Twickenham has, therefore, been covered in a blood-red reminder of the Palestinian bloodshed for which their guests of honour are responsible. 

Other companies present include Thales, Elbit’s partner in running their UAV-Tactical-Systems joint enterprise drone plant in Leicester, along with other firms facilitating Israel’s genocide, including Leonardo, BAE Systems, and Teledyne.

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