Squatter’s Digest: A hard-hitting start

January 19th: What a start to 2019 — some of the news that has kicked off the year has been so big it will already be familiar to many readers.

Conferences ditch UoL as lecturers show solidarity with cleaners’ struggle

January 18th: The University of London (UoL)’s dispute with IWGB members over bringing cleaning contracts back in-house ratcheted up a notch today as a major history conference dropped plans to hold the event at UoL’s Senate House in solidarity with an ongoing boycott.

IWW: Raids targeting couriers are indefensible

January 17th: The syndicalist union has hit out at recent Home Office focus on vulnerable casualised workers already heavily pressured by a new ‘substitution’ ploy from firms like Deliveroo.

Labour council threatens bin workers with Tory union laws

January 17th: Birmingham bin workers imposing a piss strike and work to rule over alleged secret no-strike payments made to members of the GMB union have been told they’ll now get redacted information on the scheme — but have also been threatened with Tory anti union laws by the Labour-run council.

Climate protectors gather as frack runs into trouble

January 12th: Green and anti-fracking groups are getting themselves in gear for a renewed Spring of activity over the next few weeks, with Reclaim the Power mobilising for its next round of anti-frack action and anarcho-greens Earth First!

Manchester union picket attacked by fascists

January 6th: Far-right thugs imitating the French yellow-vest movement launched a racist attack on an RMT picket yesterday, reports the Merseyside Anti-Fascist Network: Striking transport workers were attacked on their picket line at Manchester Victoria by a bunch of yellow vest fascists.

Activist legal update: Notorious ‘Common Assault’ penalty doubled

January 6th: From November 19th 2018 an new offence of “Assaulting an Emergency Worker” has been created, which doubles the maximum penalty for Common Assault (Section 39 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988).

Gallery: New Year celebrations at HMP Pentonville

January 1st: Among the London anarchist events that see out the year are annual noise demos at HMP Brixton and HMP Pentonville, where pots are rattled, whizzers whizzed and bottle rockets set off as people walk around the jail reminding prisoners that they’re not forgotten.

Squatter’s Digest: That’s a wrap

December 15th: Welcome to the second, and final edition of Squatters Digest (for 2018).

Syndikat: The local pub taking on a corporate giant

December 14th: Workers at a radical Berlin bar are heading to London on December 18th to confront Pears Global, part of a shadowy property giant which has been hiking rents in Neukölln.  One of Berlin’s 12 major boroughs and historically one of the city’s most multicultural areas, Neukölln has been on Germany’s gentrification frontline for the last ten