Pickets as Cuadrilla attempts injunction to ban anti-frack blockades in Lancashire

June 1st: Environmental protectors picketed Manchester Civil Justice Centre yesterday against an attempt by gas fracking company Cuadrilla to impose the latest in a series of chilling injunctions against green direct action.

‘Kurdistan Place’ occupied in central London

May 28th: Kurdish youth and supporters, some linked to Plan C, have occupied a vacant building near Edgware Road.

Cleaners’ Living Wage strike threat takes just 30 hours to beat City bosses

May 26th: The Bank of New York Mellon have given in to the pay demand from Latin American cleaners after a formal claim declaring potential strike action was handed in to their Canary Wharf office.

It’s spelt Sisterhood, not Cis-terhood statement

May 22nd: This statement was penned by a group of women who are angry with the recent rise of anti-trans feminism.

Far-right ‘football lads’ humiliated in Manchester on match day

May 20th: After a worryingly large turnout in London earlier this month the much-hyped Football Lads Alliance (FLA) was humiliated yesterday, pulling in barely 300 people to be penned in by police and outmatched by anti-fascists.

Pont Valley opencast mine protectors warn of baseless arrest tactics

May 19th: Campaigners against opencast mining in Pont Valley have warned that aggressive police tactics are leading to detentions of people who have committed no crime following the latest set of protests at the site.

Antiuniversity: Sonic corporeality, pubes and a bit of education

May 15th: The programme for this year’s Antiuniversity jamboree was launched today with more than 140 workshops and seminars addressing everything from subverting estate agents’ signs to allotment activism.

Campaigners force May to expand panel for Grenfell inquiry

May 11th: Grassroots pressure from Grenfell campaigners pushed the PM into bringing two new “experts” onto the fire probe today — but only after core building safety and response issues have already been dealt with.

Summer anti-fossil fuel campaigns ramp up in Durham and Lanchashire

May 11th: Direct action at the Banks Group site in Pont Valley has sparked what campaigners say is a police effort at public vilification, while Cuadrilla braces for Block Around the Clock.

Former undercover joins victims in boycott of Spycop Inquiry

May 7th: Former spycop turned whistleblower Peter Francis has declared he won’t have anything more to do with the Undercover Policing Inquiry’s anonymity applications from his former colleagues.