Anti-fascist reports: Confronting the far-right in London

July 15th: Anti-fascist activists from Plan C and Edinburgh Antifa write on yesterday’s clash with Tommy Robinson-supporting neo-nazis.

New Zine: Starting an Anarchist Black Cross

July 9th: The Anarchist Black Cross is an international network of anarchist groups and individuals engaged in practical solidarity with prisoners and broader anti-repression struggles that started over 100 years ago.

Poster crew run #spycop takeover of London ad spaces

July 6th: In their latest adventure occupying advertising real estate across the capital, subvertisers the Special Patrol Group have set giant posters up on bus stops and on the Tube.

London: protest against Trump-inspired law that would endanger sex workers

July 5th: Sex workers yesterday joined with other feminists and human rights activists to voice their opposition to a Trump-inspired ‘anti-trafficking’ law –  in the US  known as SESTA/FOSTA  – ahead of a debate on mirroring them in the UK, which was held in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

Polish Embassy in London support of far right groups

June 30th: CONTENT WARNING: racism The Polish Embassy in London, using funds from Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, sponsored at least one event organised by Polish nationalists in the UK.

Block Around The Clock opens anti-fracking festivities

June 28th: The first day of a major protector action against gas fracking near Blackpool kicked off yesterday with ska-robics, speeches and activities from a wide range of green campaigning groups.

Home Office addresses citizenship case after 18 years (and a 24-hour hungerstrike)

June 28th: The Kamil family had spent the previous five years being ignored or told they weren’t a priority until they made a scene by camping outside the Border and Immigration offices in Glasgow.

Abolitionist Futures – Fight Toxic Prisons Conference Report

June 25th: The first of series of reports from the 18th International Conference on Penal Abolition, based on the workshops and talks that took place over three days at Birkbeck university in London.

London: far-right meeting stopped by antifascists in Lewisham

June 14th: It’s been a bad couple of months for anti-fascism in London.

Block Around the Clock: days of direct action against the fracking industry

June 9th: Three major developments in the fight against fracking happened recently.