London Bookfair ‘won’t happen in 2018’

November 10th: Following a confrontation at this year’s London Anarchist Bookfair sparked by two people handing out anti-trans leaflets, and a subsequent online firestorm, the Bookfair organisers have released two statements on what happened, announcing they will not be holding one in 2018.

Lorry surfing farmer takes on Third Energy at Kirby Misperton

November 9th: A local lorry-surfer provided the latest disruption to Third Energy today as the fracking front line remains febrile at Kirby Misperton in North Yorkshire.

Unity Centre looks to surround Dungavel removal centre

November 6th: Migration rights organisers in Glasgow are looking to raise the last donations for a solidarity noise demonstration  at Dungavel Immigration Removal Centre on November 18th.

Class War vs the Ripper Museum

November 5th: As part of their ongoing campaign against the Jack the Ripper museum in  London, the Class War Women’s Death Brigade was back at its Cable Street building to call for its closure.

South Yorkshire Women’s Aid under threat again

November 4th: Last March, the Women’s Aid centre in Doncaster was closed down after the Labour-run local council cut its funding, but was then able to reopen due to a successful campaign by service users and staff members — but the centre is now being threatened with closure for a second time.

Frack firms tout plans for 2018 mining surge

November 2nd: With permanent protest sites becoming more difficult to maintain as winter draws in, gas fracking company bosses in England have announced in a puff piece today that they intend to throw yet more money at the crisis-hit industry — but appear to be struggling in the face of multiple threats and setbacks.

Anti-arms activists found not guilty over BAE break-in

October 27th: In the second broadly positive result for the anti-arms movement, Quaker activist Sam Walton and Reverend Daniel Woodhouse have been acquitted of any law-breaking over their attempt to break into a BAE facility and disarm Typhoon fighter jets destined for Saudi Arabia.

Anti arms activist found guilty in Cardiff demo case

October 24th: A jury has found peace activist Deidre Murphy guilty of calling in a bomb hoax in March during protests against the Cardiff arms fair, as several other similar cases hit the trial stages.

Four more spycop names to be released

October 23rd: The grindingly slow Undercover Policing Inquiry looks set to release four more spycops’ cover names following comments from chairman John Mitting — which comes as accusations grow that the Met is succeeding in neutering the inquiry.

Manchester homeless call out council ‘one way ticket’ scandal

October 19th: Following revelations that Manchester Council has spent £10,000 on one-way tickets to push rough sleepers out of the city, activists have been expressing their disdain for executives’ excuses that the measure is aimed at “reconnecting” people with relatives who can help.