The Serious Annoyance continue to trespass despite judgement

July 22nd: Freedom Newspaper received the following communique from squatters occupying the former Camberwell police station in South London.

No Pride in Genocide: solidarity action with indigenous struggles in so-called Canada

July 10th: Earlier this week, a group of activists organised a protest in front of the Canadian embassy in London to show their solidarity with indigenous struggles.

Cynical Uber cut pay as they give with one hand and take with the other, says IWGB

June 30th: Earlier this week, Uber announced to drivers that their longest-serving drivers would see the service charge that they take from their pay increase from 20% to 25%.

Twelve arrested in pre-emptive raids

June 25th: A dozen activists, several linked to Extinction Rebellion, have been detained today after a series of raids across London, including against an art collective which had been painting banners ready for protests planned for tomorrow.

App Drivers & Couriers Union launches legal action against Bolt for worker rights in wake of strike and protest action

June 23rd: In what has been the biggest gig economy worker protest action since the pandemic, yesterday hundreds of private hire drivers assembled at Bolt’s West London offices to demand their worker rights.

Construction workers picket Amazon site in Gateshead after mass sacking

June 22nd: Rank and file construction workers have launched a picket at the site of a new Amazon facility after a mass sacking.

Wildcat action stops de-skilling at Gateshead Amazon facility

June 19th: A recent wildcat action among workers building an Amazon fulfilment centre in Gateshead was successful at stopping a de-skilling attempt.

Climate activists targeted in police crackdown at G7

June 17th: During the G7 summit last weekend, officers from Devon & Cornwall Police arrested 29 members of the animal rights and climate emergency group Animal Rebellion, in what looked like the deliberate targeting of anyone associated with them for harassment, searches, and arrests.

June 11: Solidarity With All Anarchist Prisoners

June 12th: Yesterday in London around 30 anarchists took to the streets of North London to march in solidarity with all anarchist prisoners.

12 years on: SOAS Justice for Workers commemorates 9 cleaning staff targeted in on-campus immigration raid

June 9th: Every year, 12th June is commemorated by Justice for Workers (J4W) – a campaign started in 2006 by majority Latin American cleaning staff at School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) to fight for the fair working conditions of all workers at the university.