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Crimean political prisoner needs support on release

Freedom reproduces a campaign in support of anarchist prisoner Yevhen Karakashev.

Yevhen is an anarchist from Crimea. He participated in environmental and protest actions, squatting and developing the squatted community centre “Autonomy” in Kharkiv. He has been imprisoned since February 1, 2018, by the Russian occupation regime on charges of “public calls for terrorism” – he denies his guilt. In our opinion, it was Yevhen’s political beliefs and actions that led to his persecution.

Yevhen was sentenced to 6 years in a general regime colony. He spent almost the entire term in the conditions of the single cell type as a “malicious violator of the regime”. He has 51 disciplinary violations, which became the reason for his transfer to the prison regime. Twice, Yevhen cut his wrists to protest against the actions of the prison administration.

In 2022, the Russian authorities tried to bring Yevhen to administrative responsibility for “discrediting” the Russian armed forces, and recently, he was sentenced to 8 years of administrative supervision. This means a ban on leaving his home from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., external oversight and mandatory visits to the police twice a month.

On February 1, 2024, Yevhen will be released! We want to help to raise some money for him. He has elderly parents and needs money to live and adapt to civilian conditions. He also needs medical treatment, as his imprisonment has severely worsened his health. The comrade is waiting for examinations, neurological, surgical and dental treatment, and rehabilitation.

The idea is to help raise funds for Yevhen and send them through a Russian support group. Links to the donation accounts can be found here. Regular reporting on the campaign (crypto-wallets) will be in our media. ABC-Moscow is responsible for the PayPal account.

We can also answer any comrades’ questions – just contact us via @chornykvit_bot or any suitable option listed on our media.

We ask you to participate in the fundraiser as much as possible – share added materials through your Instagram or other media, donate money, organize an event to raise funds for our comrade, or do whatever you can.

Any help is welcomed!

Solidarity is a weapon!

Chorny Kvit

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