Saronic, the marine dump of development

October 28th: On September 10th, the tanker Agia Zoni II, sank into the Saronic Gulf. The ship dumped (according to the well-known shipowner Kountouri) about 2,600 tons of oil.

Stop Killing Londoners: Direct Action Environmentalism

October 21st: The name of new anti-pollution campaigning group Stop Killing Londoners is not just designed to grab attention, but reflects what is actually happening.

Struggling for Our Families and Our Lives

September 13th: When we’re deciding whether or not to have children, where and how to bring them up, when, and with whom, we’re influenced by social forces which are outside our control.

France: Fighting under the state of emergency

September 2nd: There have been a range of conversations in recent months regarding the situation in France — for example the consequences of jihadist attacks, in particular in repressive terms, as France certainly is one of the antiterrorist and security laboratories of Europe.

The struggle against Google in Berlin

September 1st: Earlier this year Google rocked up to Kreuzberg district in Berlin with plans for a swanky new Google Campus.

Brutality of France’s police has precedent

August 21st: This article was originally written for Harz Labour, a journal published by comrades involved in autonomous struggles in the West of France.

Teaching freedom: Thoughts on an anarchist education

August 10th: Nearly everyone from across the political spectrum can agree that our current public education system in america is not ideal.

LCAP: A decade of direct action

July 19th: Based on a “direct action casework” model of community organising pioneered in Ontario, Canada in the 1990s, the London Coalition Against Poverty was formed in 2007 to fight against the worsening squeeze on welfare provision which had been occurring under successive Labour governments.

Bread and blood: Living in an industry town

July 4th: Jamie O’Brien tells his story of growing up surrounded by industry and injury in the Welsh steel town of Port Talbot…

freedom mark

Sister Uncut: A look at Bristol

June 20th: Sisters Uncut in Bristol have been carrying out protests against cuts and closures.