Remember Mark Duggan

June 7th: CW: Police brutality, racism The case of the shooting of Mark Duggan in 2011 by Metropolitan police officers shows how the actual institutions of the British state, the IPCC, the ‘legal’ inquest and the jury itself were complicit in the ensuing miscarriage of justice: given that the police evidence was contradictory, absurdly unrealistic and constantly

An illustrated history of the birth of the Metropolitan Police

June 4th: The brutal murder of George Floyd has once again forced police violence and racism into the public spotlight.

Organise or Starve: Life under lockdown in South Africa’s shackdweller movements

May 26th: Abahlali baseMojondolo write on the solidarity being shown in the face of State and capital’s violence against impoverished South Africans.

A chronology of pogroms in Lesvos

May 19th: The situation on the island of Lesvos was escalating towards the freezing of all transfers of refugees to the inland, after a government decision around September 2019, while in January 2020 a new law (4636/2019) regarding the political asylum and reception conditions was put into force, changing the essence of who is entitled to a

Virtual Panopticon: Prison video calls and family support during the pandemic and beyond

May 18th: The following text was kindly contributed to Freedom by Lisa Selby @bluebaglife (follow them on Instagram and Twitter), UK Prison Wives and the UK Prison Support Group.

Interview: Alessio Kolioulis on Colin Ward’s The Child in the City and its French translation

May 13th: A French language translation of Colin Ward’s classic The Child in the City was published in March this year by Etrerotopia France – L’enfant dans la ville translated by Léa Nicolas-Teboul.

Don’t join, Organise: On the limits of employment law

May 11th: Following Boris Johnson's burbling mess of an address yesterday there's been a renewed interest in health and safety legislation, our right to stay away from dangerous working environments, and the importance of joining a union.

Solidarity against barbarism: The fight against coronavirus and the far-right in the USA

May 10th: This interview was originally published by Brighton Antifascists.

The View Magazine: Artful Ways and Means

May 6th: Note from the editor: this text contains a discussion on issues which may be triggering and difficult to read.

What a way to make a living: Class Power on Zero Hours

May 4th: The book is certainly not intended primarily as a contribution to the ongoing "class vs idpol" wars, but in its close attention to the complexity of the actual composition of the working class at a specific moment in time, it serves as a damning critique of both poles of the debate.