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An exhibition case showing a historical anarchist magazine and photos

“No Gods, No Masters, No Husbands”

April 27th: An exhibition showcases women editors, translators, proofreaders, typographers and packagers in anarchist print culture

“The court system put me through hell”

April 25th: The police laughed at her when she reported her sexual abuse.

Review: My Port of Beirut

April 24th: When people treat each other like human beings, what they share in the aftermath of destruction is not so much the spectacle of destruction itself but the vital joy of life that has been ripped away.

Autism and anarchy: The importance of autistic anarchism

April 10th: Anarchism, for me, is just the name for a kind of politics that never stops being messy and never stops listening to personal and collective desires, no matter how unreasonable they seem.

John Sinclair (1941-2024)

April 9th: Detroit poet, author, legalisation campaigner, manager of the MC5 rock band, White Panther Party co-founder, and early Fifth Estate writer

Introducing our new AI columnist: AnarchyGPT

April 1st: After many iterations, tireless tweaking of prompts, and splicing with our own home-grown algorithm, we are glad to present our new AI columnist.

Transgender Day of Visibility 2024 – Honouring voices

March 31st: In terms of the history of the transgender and gender non-conforming community, there have been centuries of resilience, struggle, and triumph in the face of societal norms and prejudices.

Autism and anarchy: Real autistic community is a class community

March 30th: Ablism is rooted in the fact that it delivers for some people, that it gathers energy unto itself and uses this like a squatting parasite to reproduce itself.

The herbal solidarity project resisting state oppression

March 22nd: Freedom introduces its new PROFILE category, where we will focus on people or organisations; we begin with activist Nicole Rose.

Autism and anarchy: Self diagnosis is community diagnosis

March 20th: This is all informed by my anarchist perspective but the arguments I'm making should be clear to anyone who wants human liberation.