History: Baltic and Polish anarchism at the end of the 19th century

October 16th: At the beginning of the twentieth century, anarchist anti-State ideals were most widely felt in what were then the western regions of the Russian Empire.

D I Why?: Because we gotta!

October 3rd: As Ruth Kinna reminded us lately in issue 11 of Dope magazine, John Lydon of the Sex Pistols has openly confessed that he was never an anarchist.

Review: Apocalipstick Blues

October 2nd: Artist: Efa Supertramp
 Apocalipstick Blues
 Label: Afiach
 Release Date: 2nd October 2020
 Website: www.efasupertramp.co.uk Welsh solo acoustic-punk Efa Supertramp returns with Apocalipstick Blues, the long-awaited follow up to her 2015 debut Rhyddid yw y Freuddwyd (Freedom is the dream).

W.A.R. Camp Diaries 1: A protester’s view from inside StopHS2

September 28th: Earlier this month Freedom correspondent Lousy Badger packed his bags and headed to Wendover Active Resistance camp to help in the fight to protect ancient woodlands from destruction linked to the HS2 railway project.

Interview with Liebig34 squat in Berlin as it resists eviction

September 26th: The anticapitalist struggle is an intersectional one.

From Mutual Aid to Food Co-ops

September 22nd: It has been almost a year since Cooperation Town came into being.

Get Shit Done: the future is collaborative

September 19th: Unless it can be used for marketing, ‘bread and circuses’ entertainment, or to create commodities for the rich, the innate creativity of human beings is actively discouraged by the powers that be (a situation which, I believe, lies at the bedrock of a lot of modern day neurosis).

David Graeber (1961-2020): An anarchist and anthropological farewell to a ‘sudden thinker’

September 8th: When a friend messaged me a few days ago to ask me if I had heard about David’s death, before the news had been published, my initial reaction was to search for my cell phone to call him and laugh about the fake news.

Don’t despair, organise!: Reading Red Kitchen

September 2nd: Like many homeless people during the lockdown, asylum-seeking migrants are being bundled into cramped hotels.

Review: Great Anarchists

September 1st: Great Anarchists By Ruth Kinna and Clifford Harper Dog Section Press 2020 ISBN: 978-1-9160365-6-7 Review by Jim Jepps With the newly released Great Anarchists, Dog Section Press continue their project of stylishly bringing radical ideas to a wider, non-academic audience.