Freedom News

Colin Ward: Everyday Anarchy, the documentary

January 26th: We discover that anarchy is not – as it is commonly understood – simply about a lack of power or authority but is instead a highly complex theory of organisation.

Notes from the US: Post truth

January 25th: Now, for tens of millions, anything goes - regardless of what really happens.

30 years of Critical Mass

January 24th: The ride has continued unabated over the years, and participants have come and gone.

Kurdish solidarity crackdown

January 21st: How "anti-terror" laws used to silence meaningful dissent and solidarity with oppressed peoples.

Confessions of a communard: All-in for the revolution

January 19th: If trying to use the master's tools to dismantle the master's house didn't work on an international level, why would it work for anarchist groups and individuals working at a community level?

Worth fighting for: Bringing the Rojava revolution home

January 12th: It's not surprising that the most precious thing we brought back from Rojava was a sense of hope.

Education is anarchy

January 10th: What should we teach, to whom, how best should we do it, and why?

Brazilian favela fights state and capital

January 8th: Favela do Banhado, Brazil, is organising against the gentrification of their sacred, ancestral territory.


January 5th: The answers to Xmas Day's crossword

‘As long as it takes’: 2 years on, ex-GKN workers in Florence continue to fight redundancies

December 30th: Freedom visits the GKN automotive factory in Campi Bisenzio, Florence which has been taken over by its workers since July 2021