A chronology of pogroms in Lesvos

May 19th: The situation on the island of Lesvos was escalating towards the freezing of all transfers of refugees to the inland, after a government decision around September 2019, while in January 2020 a new law (4636/2019) regarding the political asylum and reception conditions was put into force, changing the essence of who is entitled to a

Virtual Panopticon: Prison video calls and family support during the pandemic and beyond

May 18th: The following text was kindly contributed to Freedom by Lisa Selby @bluebaglife (follow them on Instagram and Twitter), UK Prison Wives and the UK Prison Support Group.

Interview: Alessio Kolioulis on Colin Ward’s The Child in the City and its French translation

May 13th: A French language translation of Colin Ward’s classic The Child in the City was published in March this year by Etrerotopia France – L’enfant dans la ville translated by Léa Nicolas-Teboul.

Don’t join, Organise: On the limits of employment law

May 11th: Following Boris Johnson's burbling mess of an address yesterday there's been a renewed interest in health and safety legislation, our right to stay away from dangerous working environments, and the importance of joining a union.

Solidarity against barbarism: The fight against coronavirus and the far-right in the USA

May 10th: This interview was originally published by Brighton Antifascists.

The View Magazine: Artful Ways and Means

May 6th: Note from the editor: this text contains a discussion on issues which may be triggering and difficult to read.

What a way to make a living: Class Power on Zero Hours

May 4th: The book is certainly not intended primarily as a contribution to the ongoing "class vs idpol" wars, but in its close attention to the complexity of the actual composition of the working class at a specific moment in time, it serves as a damning critique of both poles of the debate.

‘This place is a death trap’: inside HMPs during COVID-19 

April 29th: Content warnings: state violence, medical abuse and neglect, self-harm and suicide  The Ministry of Justice’s lack of response to COVID-19 is nothing short of genocidal.

Interview: Ruth Kinna

April 21st: Freedom spoke to Ruth Kinna, author of numerous books on anarchism about the origins and key concepts of anarchism.

Dealing with 420 under lockdown

April 20th: Thanks to the immutable cultural significance of the number 420*, the 20th of April has become certified official International Weed Day and it’s landed right in the middle of lockdown.