Nuclear Power At What Price?

March 8th: March 11th will mark the sixth anniversary of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, releasing radioactive material into the atmosphere in what was the biggest nuclear disaster since the explosion at Chernobyl twenty five years earlier.

Why covering your face at a protest is the right thing to do

March 4th: Network for Police Monitoring (Netpol) co-ordinator Kevin Blowe explains why the organisation encourages activists to mask up.

Red Cap Terror and Other Tales from the Samosa Line

February 27th: In this report from the shop floor, Greenford-based group Workers Wild West write about West London’s immense warehousing sector.

Students are suffering — rent strikes are the solution

February 20th: If you thought that the student mental health “crisis” was something of an exaggeration, let us start off with some fun statistics.

Hamburg G20: Stop them crawling back to the city

January 30th: There is more than one way to resist the industrial capitalist system.

Frack the system: The UK’s hydrocarbon threat

January 21st: With the fracking industry poised to attempt its largest assault on communities across the country to date, and what would be its most significant advance in this country since 2011 if not resisted, it seems an appropriate time to take a look back at what has led to this threat we are facing and examine

Case study: Wage theft at a Liverpool hotel

January 8th: At the end of last month anarcho-syndicalist group Liverpool SolFed helped a worker on a precarious contract to force a prestigious Liverpool hotel to pay her wages they’d stolen.

Interview: Anarchists talk about Den Haag and the 2015 riots

January 2nd: Den Haag in the Netherlands has gone through some of the deepest upheavals in the country, including riots in 2015 over the police killing of Mitch Henriquez, arrested on suspicion of carrying a weapon and then throttled, dying in police custody the next day.

freedom mark

All for the sisterhood: Sisters Uncut

December 22nd: This summer Sisters Uncut opened up an empty flat on an estate in East London as part of their ongoing campaign against cuts in domestic violence services.

Mexico: 50 anarchist groups “at war” with State and capital

December 20th: This translated article by investigative magazine Contralinea, originally submitted to US anarchist site It’s Going Down, looks at the rise of insurrectionist anarchism in Mexico over the last few years. All footnotes by the translator.