Bosnia and the ‘new Balkan route’

June 11th: Freedom’s refugee support correspondent Chiara Lauvergnac reports from Bosnia and Balkans.

Football and Activism in Jerusalem

June 4th: This text was contributed by a fan of Hapoel Katamon: Israel’s first fan owned football club located in one of the poorest neighbourhoods of Jerusalem.

40 days of struggle towards dignity

June 3rd: For 40 days, a sit-in strike in the Polish parliament building by a group of disabled children, young people and their parents, occupied the national media headlines, but barely made it to the international news.

Manjm: A Palestinian Cultural Space in Haifa is Reclaiming Authentic Artistic Voice

May 27th: Emerging artists, curators, crazy scientists and anyone seeking the exchange of ideas, rockup at this exciting new venue;  a safe haven for experimentation and alternative art.

Ireland: Anarchists on the abortion referendum

May 24th: With the referendum on whether to repeal the Irish constitution’s 8th Amendment taking place tomorrow, Freedom is reproducing this piece by Irish anarchist organisation the WSM explaining their position — and eight reasons why they will be voting Yes.

Too soon, victory for the ZAD led to despair

May 21st: In the 1970s the French government announced its next major airport expansion in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, Nantes.

We taught them a lesson: Beating a deposit deduction

May 15th: Below is the write-up of a successful campaign organised by a tenant and Brighton SolFed against a deduction to that tenant’s deposit.

On the struggle against Bässlergut prison

May 4th: This text, first published in Avalanche, offers a perspective on the direct action struggle against Bässlergut, a prison and detention facility in Switzerland, from one of the activists involved.

The shambles of Moria 35 Trial

May 2nd: On 18th July 2017, 35 refugees in Moria camp on Lesvos were arrested.

EU-Turkey deal: an error in the system

March 22nd: Two years ago, the EU-Turkey deal on refugees came to force.