The Social Centre Bulletin: GAS and bookfairs

August 14th: Is there really anywhere else quite like a good social centre?

Sex work: A guide for activism

August 11th: Anarchists through history have often been at the margins of society, associated with criminality and other unacceptable categories.

Morrissey isn’t senile, he’s always been a racist

August 4th: CW: racism “Bengali in Platforms”, “England for the English”, “Asian Rut”, and “This is Not Your Country” are quotes you’d expect from the mouth of Boris Johnson; but they are   song titles by the king of alternative playlists, the heart of British indie, or the “second-greatest living British cultural icon” (according to the BBC in

The 11th Congress of the IFA

August 3rd: The end of last month saw the 11th Congress of the International of Anarchist Federations, which co-ordinates social anarchist organisations across 13 different national and language regions in three continents — we reproduce reports from the gathering below.

Squatter’s Digest: Greece

July 30th: Greece, the home of democracy.

Pioneers of anarchism: Varlam Cherkezishvili (Tcherkesoff)

July 27th: Lesser-known of two “anarchist princes” exiled to London in the 1890s (the other being Peter Kropotkin), Cherkezishvili (Warlaam Tcherkesoff in the Russian manner) was an influence on British and wider European movements up to the beginning of the First World War.

The anarchist reading list: Summer 2019

July 20th: Below is a brief run-down of a selection of books recently or soon to be published in the forthcoming months which we feel may be of interest to anarchists.

The Social Centre Bulletin: Raise the roof!

July 17th: The second instalment of this new column for Freedom News, which aims to support and publicise what’s happening at radical social centres around Britain.

On the possibility of a Rainbow

July 16th:  ‘The Rainbow in Jordan is a microcosm of our issues in the region.’Lioness was speaking to me in a shisha café-restaurant in the upscale Amman neighbourhood of Jebel Lwebdeh.

Catalonia: Punk pirates battle off coast of Barna!

July 1st: GEORGE F joins over a dozen DIY pirate boats as they engage in battle off the coast of Barcelona.