Freedom and the 1974 Miners’ Strike

March 23rd: Jack Saundrs looks over some recent additions to Freedom’s extensive digital archive, which draws together unique scans and mirrored works to create a sizeable library of the paper’s historic works.

Dunkirk Jungle: A comic about life behind the UK border

March 16th: This new illustrated work from Junk Comix offers a glimpse of the difficulties faced by people who are being pushed from pillar to post by authorities in both France and England.

A Gun Without a Culture? An interview with Nabil Al-Raee

March 12th: In the crypt of a church built into the face of a cliff, I wait to meet the action director of the Palestinian Freedom Theatre, Nabil Al-Raee.

Reasonability is not a reproduction of universal laws declared from above: A conversation with Kilian Jörg

March 10th: The end of February marks a year since the WHO warned the national governments, saying that COVID-19 is “literally knocking at the door” and that they might choose to activate pre-prepared “pandemic plans”.

Futureless Present, Time and Social Transformation

March 2nd: The following is the introduction of the new book “Common Futures: Social Transformation and Political Ecology” by Yavor Tarinski and Alexandros Schismenos.

Kropotkin and Freedom

February 28th: Rounding off our month of articles commemorating 100 years since Kropotkin died, Selva Varengo writes on the political philosopher’s long association with the Freedom Group through the Freedom newspaper and how many of his key works were outlined in its pages.

Hidden exposures: coercion and COVID-19 in the office

February 23rd: George, 24, is having to go to work at a small London office during the pandemic, despite being able work from home.

Kropotkin: Syndicalism and Anarchism

February 22nd: The following long read first appeared in Freedom’s July and August issues in 1912, as the Great Unrest was in full swing.

Kropotkin: The Permanence of Society After the Revolution

February 20th: Continuing our multi-part series marking the 100th anniversary of the death of Peter Kropotkin, this October 1890 article considers how to avoid the curdling of a revolutionary mindset over the long haul of social change.

Crops NOT Shops: Growing the Mutual Millennium

February 17th: Last month I suggested that there was good reason to believe that we were witnessing the birth of the ‘mutual millennium’.