Since 2010 At Least 1300 Women and Children Have Been Sexually or Physically Attacked by UK Cops

May 15th: CW: Sexual violence against women and children.

Rioting and Violent Disordering

May 14th: Triple helpings of jail all-around planned for Bristol protestors.

Remembering Albert Meltzer 25 years on

May 7th: Albert Edward Meltzer, anarcho-syndicalist (7 January 1920 – 7 May 1996) ‘Don’t forget me – or I’ll be back!’ Those were Albert Meltzer’s final words to Stuart Christie, his closest friend and collaborator, in a letter which he left with his last will and testament.

Impressions: A Normal Life, the memoir of Vassilis Palaiokostas

May 4th: As Freedom Press launches its (first ever) crowdfunder to get the story of the Greek Robin Hood into print, George F waxes lyrical about the importance of telling tales of working class illegalism.

White Stripes, Green Edge

May 2nd: The car, a green Seat hatchback, is travelling on a motorway dead with traffic.

On the periphery of police violence: dispatches from London, Athens & Mexico City

April 28th: The first time I encountered violence outside of the family I was fifteen and there was a machete pointed at my throat.

Obituary: Dave Cunliffe

April 27th: The poet, publisher and activist Dave Cunliffe passed away aged 80 on Friday 16th April.

Freedom Press and the MI5 vendetta

April 17th: Today we’ve uploaded a new set of 25 War Commentary newspapers, mostly covering late 1943 through 1944, to our digital archive and to mark the occasion Jack Saundrs looks at a set of MI5 files which show exactly how angry the Freedom Group publication was making the State at the time.

Frank Leech: Why I went on Hunger Strike

April 11th: The following article by a wartime conscientious objector is taken from an April 1944 issue of War Commentary, brought out by the Freedom Group during World War II shortly before its editors were arrested for sedition.

ANTIFA to sue George Soros for unpaid wages

April 1st: This week court cases began in several countries against George Soros for what is believed to be a legal first for anarchists.