Interviews with anarchists concerning the Yellow Vests movement

November 11th: What follows is an edited version of a brochure written in French and translated into several languages.

The threat to half a century of equality and employment rights

October 25th: Equality and workers’ rights in the UK have been hard won over many generations - and enacted under governments of different political colours [see appendix 1 of attached report] - but are now under serious and imminent threat.

Notes from the US

October 20th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

The Anarchist Big Issue

October 17th: If you know, then you know.

Wildcat and the Egghead: The life of Donald Rooum

October 14th: It shouldn’t really be me writing this obituary of Donald Rooum the anarchist and his time with Freedom Press, as I knew him for a mere 17 years, a relative drop in the ocean of his experiences.

Poor, but not forgotten! The remembering of a Bristol workhouse

October 9th: Back in 2012, some historians from the Bristol Radical History Group (BRH) were sinking a couple of shandies, and pouring over old ordnance survey maps.

How Johnson’s stop and search expansion will hurt BME communities

September 16th: Earlier this month, Boris Johnson revealed the next string to his crime-fighting bow; a country-wide extension to Stop-and-Search procedures.

Squatters Digest: To our friends, and former room-mates

September 2nd: Summer is waning, holidays have been had, and so we all go back to the grindstone — and by grindstone I mean opening new squats.

Sister not Cister: a fight to be safe

August 24th: The issue of trans rights is one which has caused enormous upheaval across the left, including the anarchist movement.

Climate is class war — what next for green activism?

August 18th: An alliance of non-hierarchical groups formed over the last few months, the Green Anticapitalist Front is attempting to provide a link between the extensive anarchist experience of green direct action and the latest wave of climate change activism.