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Not just sex: Talking about Alex Comfort with Eric Laursen

December 29th: Uri Gordon talks to the author of "Polymath": The Life and Professions of Dr.

Freedom’s Yuletide crossword

December 25th: ACROSS3.

Ciao, Alfredo 1937-2023

December 24th: Because the quality of our lives is stronger than everything.

Antonio Negri 1933-2023

December 20th: He loved rabble and the explosion of rage against the structures of domination.

Benjamin Zephaniah 1958-2023

December 12th: Benjamin Zephaniah called himself an anarchist; his principled and proactive life embodies the spirit of mutual aid and solidarity.

Argentina election: Does Milei differ from other neo-liberals?

December 10th: State and populist Nationalism are not two opposing positions but rather two sides of the same coin with which Capital alternates its governance.

X isn’t an airport, but we’re announcing our departure 

December 4th: Over the last couple of months, Freedom News decided to start cutting down involvement with Twitter/X, which has until now been our biggest social media account

Zapatista Autonomy: Interview with an anarchist comrade

December 1st: The decentralising will run the risk of disintegration of the movement, but it is perhaps the only means of resisting the current onslaught of violence and state counter-organising activities.

Interview: Brand, Sweden’s oldest anarchist paper

November 29th: Printed four times a year, Brand [‘fire’] has been published in Sweden since 1898.

The art of freedom: Strategies for organising and collective resistance

November 23rd: Stateless democracy is not only possible but is already being built.