The struggle against Google in Berlin

September 1st: Earlier this year Google rocked up to Kreuzberg district in Berlin with plans for a swanky new Google Campus.

Brutality of France’s police has precedent

August 21st: This article was originally written for Harz Labour, a journal published by comrades involved in autonomous struggles in the West of France.

Teaching freedom: Thoughts on an anarchist education

August 10th: Nearly everyone from across the political spectrum can agree that our current public education system in america is not ideal.

LCAP: A decade of direct action

July 19th: Based on a “direct action casework” model of community organising pioneered in Ontario, Canada in the 1990s, the London Coalition Against Poverty was formed in 2007 to fight against the worsening squeeze on welfare provision which had been occurring under successive Labour governments.

Bread and blood: Living in an industry town

July 4th: Jamie O’Brien tells his story of growing up surrounded by industry and injury in the Welsh steel town of Port Talbot…

freedom mark

Sister Uncut: A look at Bristol

June 20th: Sisters Uncut in Bristol have been carrying out protests against cuts and closures.

Why beer is in a bad State

June 18th: In this special feature written for the Organise Issue 88, a member of the Anarchist Federation looks into the historic consequences of State intervention in beer, from frothing masses to watered-down ideas.  Throughout history the ruling class have placed restrictions, controls and taxes on alcoholic beverages and their consumption.

When your neighbour is your jailer

May 10th: In 2012 Theresa May announced the creation of the “hostile environment” for “illegal migrants.”

Why I shut down Britain’s biggest opencast coal mine

April 23rd: Reclaim The Power and Earth First!

Anarchist Haringey: Brief radical history of a London borough

April 22nd: I guess Tottenham is most known for its riots in 1985 and 2011.