Travelling to the COP25 summit in Madrid? Make sure you know your rights

December 2nd: If you are planning to travel from Britain to protests at the United Nations COP25 climate change conference in Madrid, which begins next week, it is important that you know about the Spanish state’s approach to freedom of assembly and in particular the extremely draconian Basic Law for the Protection of Public Security (Ley Orgánica

Anarcho-Syndicalist Workers’ Revolution in Catalonia

December 1st:    In an interview with world famous Dutch-Canadian journalist Pierre Van Paassen, Anarcho-Syndicalist leader and Spanish Loyalist general Buenaventura Durruti said:       “We are giving Hitler and Mussolini far more worry with our revolution than the whole Red Army of Russia.

Interview: Juliusz Lewandowski, queer antifa artist

November 29th: "Right now, we fight in hell." As Poland’s oldest squat faces eviction, George F.


The Revolt in Iran

November 28th: There is open revolt in the Iran and for some reason and no one seems to be talking about it.

The Velvet Revolution: 30 years of freedom in which some of us are freer than others

November 25th: This month marks 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution: the wave of mass demonstrations against the one-party government of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia.

Anarchism and the 1945 elections

November 22nd: Following a question posed by Labour supporters about anarchist responses to the policy proposals of what became the Attlee Labour government, below we reproduce Freedom’s front page article from June 2nd 1945.

Interview: Tomás Ibáñez on power and modern anarchy

November 16th: In this interview translated by the Autonomies collective, One of Spain’s most interesting modern thinkers on anarchism, Tomás Ibáñez, outlines some of the thinking from his book Anarchism is Movement, which Freedom is publishing in English later this month.

Interviews with anarchists concerning the Yellow Vests movement

November 11th: What follows is an edited version of a brochure written in French and translated into several languages.


The threat to half a century of equality and employment rights

October 25th: Equality and workers’ rights in the UK have been hard won over many generations - and enacted under governments of different political colours [see appendix 1 of attached report] - but are now under serious and imminent threat.

Notes from the US

October 20th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.