Organiser training: how to win at work

March 10th: The Solidarity Federation runs two workplace organiser training courses which have recently been updated.

Evict your Landlord: Wir Bleiben Alle! We All Stay.

March 2nd: Today thousands of people marched through Berlin for the Interkiezonale Star Demo against a wave of radical centre evictions – and for the occasion we are pleased to publish this meticulous probe into the situation by anarchist investigative journalist Joe Reynolds.

Squatter’s Digest: Grow Heathrow halved, ciao to Asilo

February 28th: I do have a pretty good excuse for being a little late in writing this month’s column, namely being arrested and remanded for a squatting-related offence (of which I am not guilty for the record, as I will be testifying at trial later in the year).

How to get into (or start) your own red gym

February 23rd: A co-founder of left-wing gym Reading Red Corner writes about her experiences and the lessons learned from running the town’s weekly radical boxing club.

Greece: How Neo-Nazi gangs are targeting squats

February 16th: On the night of September 17th 2013, the Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas (Killah P) and his friends sat in the local coffee shop Korali, in Keratsini, to the south of Athens.

The 2019 Anarchist Bookfairs List

February 11th: Several bookfair organising groups have been pretty efficient with sending in details of their events early this year, so we can now put together the initial showing of Freedom’s annual roundup [for previous, see 2017|2018].

Sleeping on the clock is no dream

February 10th: In 2018 Mencap, the learning disability charity with an unappealing name, took the government to court.

The International Anarchist Defence Fund

February 7th: The International Anarchist Defence Fund turns one year old this month so to celebrate, the IADF shares some thoughts on anarchist solidarity work and the issues that influenced the collective’s creation.

Interview: LAD$ to the front!

January 24th: Back in the growing winter of 2016 a pack of punks, anarchists and incorrigible rogues met in an indescript nonspace above an anarchist bookshop in East London with a dog, some beers, and a plan.

I, Wobbly — a new cycle of the IWW

January 22nd: The IWW has been quietly organising couriers in cities and towns outside London, in the UK and Ireland, since January 2018.