‘This place is a death trap’: inside HMPs during COVID-19 

April 29th: Content warnings: state violence, medical abuse and neglect, self-harm and suicide  The Ministry of Justice’s lack of response to COVID-19 is nothing short of genocidal.

Interview: Ruth Kinna

April 21st: Freedom spoke to Ruth Kinna, author of numerous books on anarchism about the origins and key concepts of anarchism.

Dealing with 420 under lockdown

April 20th: Thanks to the immutable cultural significance of the number 420*, the 20th of April has become certified official International Weed Day and it’s landed right in the middle of lockdown.

Voice from the frontline: Organising in a pandemic

April 10th: A care worker breaks down what can, and indeed must, be done to self organise if proper protection and treatment is to be won in the face of inaction by authorities.

Interview: Simon Hannah on the fight to stop the poll tax

April 6th: Author Simon Hannah spoke to Freedom Press about his new book Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay: the fight to stop the poll tax which is published by Pluto Press.

Interview: Radical community in Aberdeen

April 5th: To mark the one-year anniversary of a radical social centre appearing in the Granite City, Rob Ray talks with the organising collective about their experiences, dreams — and advice for groups looking to set up new spaces.

Explainer: The new sick pay and benefits regime

March 22nd: Brighton SolFed outlines your rights under the new post-coronavirus system and where to find out more information.

Anarchy in Albion: Building utopia in the heart of Yorkshire

March 21st: I often seek solace at the Brotherhood Church.

Domestic murder and migration

March 14th: In October the UK’s domestic murder rate reached a five-year high.

Political reflections on the Poll Tax Riots 30 years on

March 11th: This month marks the 30th anniversary of the Poll Tax riots.