#WhereAreThey: Remembering the lives of those who perished trying to reach Europe on February 9, 2020

February 11th: At 04.09am on February 9, 2020, the distress hotline Alarm Phone received a call, a call that was initially no different than the dozens of others the organization receives each year.

100 years on, Kropotkin remains strikingly modern

February 8th: The centenary of Kropotkin’s death is a good time to return to the question he asked in Freedom in 1886: what must we do?

Kropotkin: Act For Yourselves

February 6th: Continuing our multi-part series marking the 100th anniversary of the death of Peter Kropotkin, this January 1887 article is one of his better-known essays, and indeed lends the title of Freedom’s book of selected articles.

Kropotkin: Practical Questions

February 1st: Next up in our multi-part series marking the upcoming 100th anniversary of the death of Peter Kropotkin, this article July 1887 article considers the ways in which limited socialist visions are doomed to failure.

I was a teenage Luddite

January 31st: Two books are on the black desk of my teenage bedroom.

Kropotkin: What Revolution Means

January 30th: The first of a multi-part series marking the upcoming 100th anniversary of the death of famed anarchist philosopher Peter Kropotkin, this article was among his first for Freedom, written in November 1886.

Hell for Refugees in Kara Tepe as Temperatures Lower: Greek Government Responds by Banning Photo and Video Capturing

January 24th: After a few sunny days here in Greece winter has finally arrived.

Interview with the team behind antijob.net

January 22nd: We have to work most of our lives.

“Now and then the flame dies down, but solidarity is a stream of sparks”: interview with antifascist political prisoner Ilya Shakursky

January 18th: Ilya Shakursky, an antifascist political prisoner in Russia, appeals to you in this interview to write to him, and to others imprisoned in the infamous “Network” case.

Welcome to the Mutual Millenium

January 8th: One of the fundamental differences between anarchists and authoritarians (both left and right) is that anarchists believe in people.