Catalonia: Punk pirates battle off coast of Barna!

July 1st: GEORGE F joins over a dozen DIY pirate boats as they engage in battle off the coast of Barcelona.

Pioneers of British anarchism: Edward Carpenter

June 28th: Dublin Pride is tomorrow, and for this Pride season we note the 90th anniversary of the death of Edward Carpenter (1844-1929), a man who in the most repressive of times against homosexuality in Britain was out and proud.

The Social Centre Bulletin

June 19th: This new column for Freedom News aims to support and publicise what’s happening at radical social centres around Britain.

Mutu: rethinking our radical media

June 15th: The seriousness of our times hardly needs restating.

Pioneers of British Anarchism: George Barrett

June 13th: To mark the launch of new Freedom Press title Our Masters Are Helpless, we will be publishing a number of historic reprints about historic anarchist figures from our 130-year store of articles, starting with the firebrand himself, George Barrett.

3… 2… 1… Antifa are go

June 9th: The London Anti-Fascist Assembly (LAFA) launched this year as a pan-city grassroots anti-fascist coalition made up of groups from across the left.

What do you know about the European Migrant Smuggling Centre?

June 1st:  A long read from Are You Syrious on the EUROPOL project, and whom it really helps.

Careful comrade, your class is showing. XR has some problems.

April 26th: There has forever been this disconnect between the more radical and liberal anarchists which keep us somewhat isolated from each other, even when our political positions more or less mirror each other.

Diving into our early syndicalist histories

April 20th: It is a standard cliché of Marxist attacks on anarchism to contrast “individualistic” anarchism with “collectivist” syndicalism.

The HMP kids: Damage done by IPP sentencing

April 10th: Darcey Hartley’s dad, Ian, has been in prison for over 13 years, even though he was only required to serve two years and 11 months.