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Interview with a Finnish anarchist

Yavor Tarinski of Greek libertarian journal Aftoleksi interviews Antti Rautiainen, from Finnish antiauthoritarian group A-ryhmä, on the latest developments in Finland as it applies for Nato membership. YT: Hello, can you introduce yourself (where are you from, where you participate)? AR: I live in Helsinki, Finland, and participate in local anarchist group A-ryhmä, which was

Fuck leftist westplaining

Earlier this week, the Polish parliamentary progressive left party, Razem, issued a statement in which they announce that they are cutting ties with two European organisations: Progressive International and DiEM25. “The Russian aggression in Ukraine demands a lot of work from us and- unfortunately- explaining of many issues to the west European left,” Razem states

Save Sinjajevina: Herders and activists protect unique Montenegrin pastures from military occupation

After a mobile blockade lasting almost two months, a small group of traditional herders and activists has successfully repelled NATO and the Montenegrin military’s efforts to occupy the territory of Sinjajevina in Montenegro – the largest mountain grassland in the Balkans and the second in Europe. In an archetypal David and Goliath encounter, Sinjajenivan herders