Save Sinjajevina: Herders and activists protect unique Montenegrin pastures from military occupation

After a mobile blockade lasting almost two months, a small group of traditional herders and activists has successfully repelled NATO and the Montenegrin military’s efforts to occupy the territory of Sinjajevina in Montenegro – the largest mountain grassland in the Balkans and the second in Europe. In an archetypal David and Goliath encounter, Sinjajenivan herders

EGX: Major gaming event features army recruitment stall

Over this weekend, gamers from across the country are flooding into London to attend EGX 2019: the UK’s largest games industry event. It’s a huge show, full of spectacular corporate reveals, reams of indie games, speed run competitions, cosplay, playable betas and peaks at games about to hit the market. It’s a Shangri-La for gamers.