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Europe is stained by the ashes of Moria refugee camp

Yesterday morning we awoke to the news that Europe’s largest refugee camp burnt to the ground overnight. At present it is unclear if there have been any fatalities and it will be a while before we know for sure. Around 13,000 people (mainly from Afghanistan and Syria) were cramped into a former army facility at

A chronology of pogroms in Lesvos

The situation on the island of Lesvos was escalating towards the freezing of all transfers of refugees to the inland, after a government decision around September 2019, while in January 2020 a new law (4636/2019) regarding the political asylum and reception conditions was put into force, changing the essence of who is entitled to a

The shambles of Moria 35 Trial

On 18th July 2017, 35 refugees in Moria camp on Lesvos were arrested. The arrests followed a two day protest involving a sit- in outside of the European Asylum Support Office inside the camp and a demonstration. The protesters were holding banners denouncing dehumanizing conditions in the camp, and calling for freedom of movement for