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Freedom and Empire, 1948

In his second article looking at recent editions to the Freedom digital archive, historian Jack Saundrs considers the anarchists’ take on Britain’s declining imperial holdings as another vicious conflict broke out just a few years on from World War II — the Malayan Emergency. In the immediate aftermath of the Second World War, the governors of

Freedom and the 1974 Miners’ Strike

Jack Saundrs looks over some recent additions to Freedom’s extensive digital archive, which draws together unique scans and mirrored works to create a sizeable library of the paper’s historic works. The 1974 papers set was first scanned by the excellent Sparrows’ Nest. Between 1970 and 1974 Britain experienced a peak in worker militancy. There were

Kropotkin and Freedom

Rounding off our month of articles commemorating 100 years since Kropotkin died, Selva Varengo writes on the political philosopher’s long association with the Freedom Group through the Freedom newspaper and how many of his key works were outlined in its pages. A partial digital archive of the many issues he contributed to can be found

Pioneers of anarchism: Varlam Cherkezishvili (Tcherkesoff)

Lesser-known of two “anarchist princes” exiled to London in the 1890s (the other being Peter Kropotkin), Cherkezishvili (Warlaam Tcherkesoff in the Russian manner) was an influence on British and wider European movements up to the beginning of the First World War. Tcherkesoff, as he was best-known during his exile from Russia, was born to Georgian