New Freedom Freesheet out now!

The latest freedom freesheet is out now and will be distributed around the country in the next week. Look out for it at your nearest radical social centre or bookshop or get in touch if you want some for any anarchist group you are a part of. This issue features articles on the panama papers, the fight for reproductive rights, homelessness in Glasgow and the housing struggle in London. A… Continue reading

SisterSupporter – protecting women from harassment and defending reproductive rights

photo from feminist fightback website

By Lindsay of SisterSupporter and West London Radical Assembly

SisterSupporter is a new pro-choice campaign group which formed in October 2015 to tackle the issue of religious campaigners standing outside of the Marie Stopes clinic in Mattock Lane, near Ealing Broadway in West London.

Currently in Ealing there are anti-abortion campaigners outside the clinic up to five days per week with larger religious vigils happening… Continue reading

Abortion rights are under attack in Spain, and we must show solidarity with pro-choice struggle.

Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon: Justice Minister championing a law that will result in a brutal injustice to Spanish women’s rights.

The struggle for safe and legal access to abortion is an ongoing one. With many states constantly seeking to review or reduce women’s access to abortion, and in doing so police our bodies and our sexuality, Freedom’s regular contributor Juana Belén Gutiérrez de Mendoza highlights the recent attack on abortion rights in Spain, and why it is necessary to show solidarity and oppose this restrictive and deadly new Act.

Maybe you are a 40 year-old unemployed mother of 5 in the worst recession of our time, maybe you forgot to take the pill and went to bed with a few too many, or perhaps you have been raped. I know many stories of men who won’t put a condom on when you tell them to: from the cheeky student boy trying to trick you on a one night stand (do you think a vagina is too thick to notice you’re not wearing rubber?) to the abusive boyfriend who wants to control every inch of your body. It is very easy when you don’t have a womb (and don’t care about STIs?) The point is, whatever the reason or context, abortion should be safe, legal and accessible to all. Continue reading

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