Peru: Homophobic rally confronted by LGBTI and anarchist groups

Tensions have been rising in Peru between an increasingly bold LGBTI movement and conservative groups in recent months, with the latest clashes happening on March 4th in the capital of Lima.

The homophobic “Con Mis Hijos No Te Metas” march was primarily called by a number of reactionary Christian groups, including CONAPFAM, Water of Life, the World Missionary Movement, Christian and Missionary Alliance and Assemblies… Continue reading

SisterSupporter – protecting women from harassment and defending reproductive rights

photo from feminist fightback website

By Lindsay of SisterSupporter and West London Radical Assembly

SisterSupporter is a new pro-choice campaign group which formed in October 2015 to tackle the issue of religious campaigners standing outside of the Marie Stopes clinic in Mattock Lane, near Ealing Broadway in West London.

Currently in Ealing there are anti-abortion campaigners outside the clinic up to five days per week with larger religious vigils happening… Continue reading

An Afterlife to Capitalism?


After a recent conversation with friends regarding the future of religion in a post-revolutionary setting, I wanted to write this article to address some of the issues I have, even as an atheist, with the abolitionist narrative of religion and its mindset which still remains as colonialist as it did a century ago, with modern anti-theists merely replicating Christian civilising missionaries.

I don’t often like to speculate on the utopian fantasies of post-revolution but there are moments within radical conversations that one needs to at least construct a basic framework in order to explore further their own ideas.

My friend doesn’t see religion as compatible with anarchism. They say that the hierarchy of God over man is contradictory. They say that religion is oppressive. They say that it should be abolished, that their revolutionary future can have no space for religion or the religious. They quote Marx’s critique of religion as an ‘opiate of the masses’ and I have to stop them there for a moment because that line is so intolerably misquoted. The full quote, we must always remember, is this: Continue reading

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