Nigeria’s #EndSARS protests

October 23rd: As social movements continue around the world to end the impunity that police forces have, the African continent has seen their biggest movement within the country of Nigeria with the #EndSARS protests.

Intersquat!: London Squatters Getting Organised

October 20th: Intersquat!: London Squatters Getting Organised The first London Intersquat in several years took place at a secret occupied location last Saturday, 17th October.

It’s not an illegal eviction, it’s a legal resistance

October 18th: Archway squatters successfully resist an illegal eviction attempt by infamous Stamford Hill slumlords, corrupt security and incompetent cops.

HS2 blocked from felling ancient wood after showdown with protectors

October 14th: Following a grueling eviction process at Jones Hill Woods it appears direct action resistance has bought enough time to save the area from being bulldozed for a controversial high-speed rail line until at least next Spring.

Campaign launches to support people crossing the Channel

October 13th: A project committed to the monitoring and documentation to ensure the human rights of people crossing the English channel has launched yesterday.

Anarchist Bookfair in London launches new website and programme

October 11th: The Anarchist Bookfair in London has launched its website today in preparation for the event to be held next weekend, 17-18 October.

Eviction resisted: we’d rather be squatters than scabs

September 27th: On Thursday 24th September in Greenwich, London, an illegal eviction attempt on a squatted building was thwarted by a combination of self-organised defence and bloody minded stubbornness.

As evictions hiatus ends, Solfed launches housing rights primers

September 23rd: On Monday, with remarkably little fanfare, the hiatus in eviction proceedings was ended, allowing courts to issue new notices and bailiffs to start enforcing them.

Event invitation: Shana Tova Prison Shut Down

September 21st: As is the anarchist way, Jewish abolitionists and our goyish friends will be holding noise demos to mark Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur; the Jewish New Year this Thursday, 24th September, at 7 pm outside HMP Manchester and HMP Pentonville in London.  Jewish tradition tells us to make noise on Rosh Hashana to wake us

Poors Piece camp eviction alert

September 20th: After a Summer of resistance the Poors Piece Conservation Project at Rosehill Farm, Wendover against HS2’s destruction of ancient woodland is facing eviction on Monday September 28th.