This week in Class War Daily

April 26th: It’s been another busy week for Class War Daily: the world’s only daily anarchist newspaper (we think; please feel free to alert us to any others).

Care not cages: CAPE calls for day of (online) action

April 24th: Community Action on Prison Expansion has called for a day of online action to happen next Monday, 27th April.

New worker’s guide to coronavirus released

April 22nd: The initiative by Liverpool SolFed offers stripped-down must-knows about getting by amid State incompetence and bosses’ greed, from furloughs to care rights, sick pay to self-employment.

Class War is back and you will love it

April 12th: Class War is back with the online-only Class War Daily, and it is fucking magnificent.

Don’t believe the hype: evictions continue despite moratorium

April 4th: The ban is a lie.

Evictions held over, hotels for the homeless — Covid is upending housing

March 31st: The legal situation has been changing so rapidly that even full-timers are struggling to keep up, but with the introduction of Practice Direction 51Z it looks like eviction proceedings are finally off the table for now

“I’ve never felt more trapped and powerless in my life” – Letter lays bare the cruel realities of prison during the pandemic

March 24th: The following letter from ‘D’ – passed to us by Carl Cattermole and Lisa & Elliot of @bluebaglife – lays bare the horrific conditions being endured by prisoners during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Callout for submissions: help fundraise for Mutual Aid groups

March 22nd: A number of groups have come together to help get funds for the COVID- 19 Mutual Aid groups which have formed in the past week in the UK.

Prison Makes Us Sick!: A message from London Anarchist Black Cross

March 20th: In this moment of not knowing what’s coming next, the failure of this system is more and more clear: a world wired for ever-growing speed, circulation, and productivity, suddenly has to stop.

London: Eviction Of The Pie ‘N’ Mash Squat Cafe – We Must Push For No Evictions In This Crisis!

March 18th: London squatted cafe and social centre Pie ‘N’ Mash was evicted this morning.