Report back on the protest against Yorkshire Patriots march in Dewsbury

October 15th: Last Saturday, the Kirklees Anti-Fascist Assembly organised a successful protest in response to the Yorkshire Patriots march in  Dewsbury.

BREAKING: Protesters against Turkish invasion blockade arms companies in Filton

October 10th: Activists have staged a lock-on outside BAE Filton (South Gloucestershire) this morning.

Chester Shows Solidarity for the Homeless in Hamilton House

October 8th: UPDATE 9th October Before the court hearing even finished, the folk occupying Hamilton House got bailiffs and cops outside.

Dewsbury: Kirklees Anti-Fascist Assembly calls for demo to oppose Yorkshire Patriots march

October 7th: The Kirklees Anti-Fascist Assembly has called for a demo to oppose the upcoming Yorkshire Patriots march, taking place next Saturday 12th October.

A PSA to XR activists: If you want to keep protesting the climate crisis, you need to smarten the fuck up

October 6th: In case you missed it: on Saturday, the Met’s Territorial Support Group (aka the riot squad) raided an XR warehouse in South London, confiscating a load of ‘infrastructure’ destined for the streets of London and arresting at least 8 people for conspiracy to commit public nuisance (the same charge for which Roger Hallam is currently

BREAKING: Extinction Rebellion London warehouse raided by cops

October 5th: Extinction Rebellion South London warehouse has been raided by the police this morning.

Chester’s homeless have had enough!

October 5th: 726 people died on the UK’s streets last year.

Merseyside: Royal Mail workers walk out in solidarity with racially abused colleague

October 3rd: Postal workers in Merseyside walked out on a wildcat strike on Wednesday after a manager allegedly made a racist comment to a Muslim employee.

London: anarchists to hold protest in solidarity with Iranian political prisoners Soheil Arabi and Haj Jaffar Kashani

September 30th: On Wednesday 2nd October, anarchists will hold protest in solidarity with Iranian political prisoners Soheil Arabi and Haj Jaffar Kashani.

Say No To Transphobia Brighton! A report on protest against WPUK

September 26th: On Monday 23rd September 2019 the transphobic hate group WPUK (“Woman’s” Place UK) returned to Brighton to attempt to host another meeting under the cover of being a fringe event for the Labour Party Conference.