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Seasonal worker is possible trafficking & slavery victim

January 19th: The fact that the Home Office suspects human trafficking and modern slavery may have taken place is highly significant as it is their own Seasonal Visa Scheme which seems to put people at risk of trafficking and labour exploitation.

Palestine Action smash Elbit’s cargo contractors

January 17th: Overnight actions by Palestine Action have targeted the logistics companies servicing the operations of Israel's arms trade in Britain.

Palestine Action strike Israeli weapons trade facilitators

January 17th: The group has pledged that 'business-as-usual' will continue to be disrupted until those targeted end their ties to the brutal colonisation of Palestine.

Twitter deletes UVW account

January 17th: The union had used the platform, now owned by the wealthiest man in the world, to raise tens of thousands of pounds to support the strikes of predominantly migrant cleaners.

Palestine actionist remanded after London Stock Exchange infiltration

January 17th: The arrests came after a Daily Express journalist', Max Parry, went undercover in the group to report on activities and hand information on alleged plans to the police.

DWP bring in discriminatory AI to detect ‘fraud’

January 16th: “The systems do have biases; it’s whether they are biases that are not allowed in the law.”

Hundreds of thousands back on the streets for Gaza

January 13th: Today's Gaza demo was massive, with only 9 arrests.

New York: Defend the Skull Squat

January 11th: In the legacy of 40 years of New York squat tradition, bowls of piss were emptied at them from the window.

Earth First! winter moot 2024

January 9th: 9th-11th February at the Sumac Centre in Nottingham.

Central London kicks off the year’s Palestine demos

January 7th: Thousands of people attended the first Central London Palestinian demo of the year.