London: activists occupy Paddington Green police station

February 9th: On the night of February 7th a group of activists from the Green Anti-Capitalist Front (GAF), alongside squatters and other activists, occupied the abandoned high security police station at Paddington Green in London.

Protests as Saudi arms ship docks in Essex

February 5th: Activists from Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) staged a banner drop today to protest the arrival of the Saudi Arabian arms ship the Bahri Yanbu at Tilbury docks in Essex.

Language teachers win redundancy fight after two-month campaign

February 4th: After the Delfin English School in London sacked all of its staff just before Christmas, subsequently declaring itself bankrupt, Tefl teachers with the syndicalist IWW union organised a picketing and social media campaign which has now won its fight for proper redundancy terms.

Top London mayoral candidates cut liberty for expediency as they back Met facial recognition plans

January 26th: Despite a deeply mixed public reaction to the idea of the Metropolitan Police introducing intrusive surveillance technology city-wide Labour, the Tories and media darling Rory Stewart have all jumped on the chance to look tough on crime at the expense of civil freedoms.

Spycops inquiry: Real name of ‘Bobby’ Lewis to be revealed

January 23rd: After more than six months of legal wrangling at the Undercover Policing Inquiry, chairman Roger Mitting has agreed to release the real name of officer Anthony ‘Bobby’ Lewis to the women he abused while working as a spycop infiltrating the Stephen Lawrence campaign.

Court upholds ‘enshrined freedom’ of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller right to roam

January 21st: In a rare moment of legal good fortune, the Court of Appeal today ruled that Gypsies, Roma and Travellers have an “enshrined freedom” to move from one place to another, and that an injunction to prevent camping on public land would breach the rights of the communities it targeted.

Met police threaten to arrest entire UVW strike picket (again!)

January 14th: For the second day in a row, officers from the Met threatened to arrest all those participating in a United Voices of the World (UVW) strike picket outside St.

Bookfair 2020 calls for artist contributions

January 8th: Since the announcement of the return of an anarchist bookfair to London, the Bookfair2020 collective has been busy preparing for the event to be held in October 2020.

Breaking: HS2 attempt to evict Uxbridge protest camp

January 7th: Stop HS2 campaigners in Uxbridge had a rude awakening this morning, when High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEOs), supported by local police, began the process of evicting them from their camp on Harvil Road near Harefield.

Scotland XR occupies Shell gas rig, temporarily shutting down offshore project

January 6th: Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists have occupied a massive gas rig leased to Shell and currently parked in Princess Alexandra Wharf , Dundee Habour, which had been destined for the North Sea.