June 11: Solidarity With All Anarchist Prisoners

June 12th: Yesterday in London around 30 anarchists took to the streets of North London to march in solidarity with all anarchist prisoners.

12 years on: SOAS Justice for Workers commemorates 9 cleaning staff targeted in on-campus immigration raid

June 9th: Every year, 12th June is commemorated by Justice for Workers (J4W) – a campaign started in 2006 by majority Latin American cleaning staff at School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) to fight for the fair working conditions of all workers at the university.

Solidarity Festival with Napier Barracks residents increases pressure on government to close camps

June 7th: On May 22, 2021 over three hundred residents of the now High Court condemned Napier Barracks gathered on the fields opposite, alongside activists and other supporters who had travelled by the coachload from across the UK to protest the criminal conditions people are forced to be housed in by Priti Patel's hostile environment.

Squat Repression in Bristol

June 6th: This is a statement from some squatters in Bristol, who had 4 squats, including 40a Space, Salvation Army mutual aid/social centres and Wonky Arrow Books, a radical library.
 In the past days, we’ve had our buildings forcibly closed with anti-social behaviour orders, and we’ve been raided by hundreds of riot police.

Sparked out: construction companies crumble under rank and file pressure

May 30th: On Wednesday May 26th, rank and file sparks (electricians) blockaded the Atomic Weapons Establishment site at Burghfield, near Reading.

Report: Noise demo at HMP Full Sutton

May 21st: CW: prison brutality Monday night saw a group of around thirty people travel to Category A prison HMP Full Sutton, the site of the prolonged racist torture of Kevan Thakrar and Dwayne Fulgence, amongst hundreds of others.

Construction rank and file to protest at Atomic Weapons Establishment in de-skilling dispute

May 19th: Since early March, rank-and-file sparks (electricians) have been holding regular actions targeting construction companies Balfour Beatty and NG Bailey.

Black Protest Legal Support condemns police violence against Free Palestine protesters

May 18th: Black Protest Legal Support (BPLS) has condemned police violence seen in London during the Free Palestine and Colombia protests last Saturday.

Close the Camps: Day of Action at Napier Barracks

May 8th: A coalition of grassroots groups calls for an action against the Home Office housing of asylum seekers in ex-army barracks, which have been declared “unsuitable for human accommodation” by independent inspectors and “a living nightmare” by a former resident.

Bolt hides from workers demanding safety protections after murder of driver

May 5th: The United Private Hire Drivers Branch of the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) protested on Tuesday 4 May outside Bolt offices in London.