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Action Against Detention and Deportations (AADD)’s response to death in Manston

Freedom publish a statement from Action Against Detention & Deportations about the tragic death of a man who spent a week incarcerated in Manston detention camp. The Home Office won’t say who the man is, how old he is, where he came from, how he died or provide any other information. We are saddened and

France: Campaign against new migrant detention centres ramps up

Despite noises about welcoming refugees from Ukraine in recent months, France is joining Britain in expanding the prisons-for-migrants system as part of its own ongoing “hostile environment” efforts. The Macron government is planning to open a number of new Administrative Retention Centers (CRAs) including a 64-place facility in Mesnil-Amelot, just outside Charles de Gaulle Airport,

France: Revolts in the migrant detention centres

Rebellions are increasing in the detention centres of Vincennes and Mesnil-Amelot, with deportation refusal, protests against appalling living conditions and police racism adding to unrest over the health crisis and rising Covid case numbers among detainees. Mesnil-Amelot Over the last several months, prisoners at Mesnil-Amelot have initiated many revolts and protest movements, with the most recent

French migrant hunger strikers communique: ‘No Liberty, No Equality, No Fraternity for us’

Immigration Detention Centres, Centre de Retention Administratif or CRA in French. Let’s call them what they are: prisons for people that have committed the “serious crime” of not having the correct visa, or of not having been born in the right country. In a Europe, which likes to wax lyrical about the importance of freedom

Press release from Harmondsworth detainees protest 14/07/2014

At 9pm tonight (Monday 14th July 2014) 60 detainees at Harmondsworth mens immigration detention centre began an overnight demonstration, occupying the courtyard. They are demanding that all those on the now unlawful Detained Fast Track (DFT) system are taken off DFT and released. Following last weeks High Court decision ruling the operation of DFT unlawful,