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Cuba: the end of the social enchantment of “The Revolution”: a voice from Cuban anarchist

The repressive social spell that maintained the international left museum pacified has been broken. Under the “Cuban Revolution” the “Cuban State” has emerged publicly in all its crudeness and grandiloquence. The same Cuban State that, to face US imperialism, has created omnipresent political police to combat the society under its control. The same Cuban State

Cuba: Economic change and authoritarian stasis

Octavio Alberola looks at the Cuban state’s post-Fidel shift towards a more privatised economic model and the way it has prioritised retaining elite interests while the masses remain locked out of the decisions affecting their lives. Alberola, an author and anarcho-syndicalist veteran of the fight against Franco, has spent decades critiquing the Castro regime from

How we invaded Cuba

On Friday 12 July 1963, anarchists invaded the Cuban Embassy in London. Members of the British Communist Party, who had been faithful to the Party Line throughout the difficult war years, obediently switching from pro-war to anti-war and back, in support of Soviet foreign policy, were shocked in 1953, when Stalin died and the line

Interview: Frank Fernandez on Cuban anarchism

In 1999 Canadian author Larry Gambone talked to Fernandez, writer of the seminal book on Fidel Castro’s destruction of Cuba’s anarchist movement, about how the regime maintained itself and on libertarian struggles in the country. This article is taken from the May 15th 1999 issue of Freedom Newspaper, and elements are no longer relevant, but it offers

ABRA Anarchist Social Centre opens in Havana

The ABRA social centre and library, which opened on May 5th, marks a major milestone for the anarchists in Cuba, who have struggled to reassert themselves after the Castro crackdowns of the 1950s. This edited article first appeared at The Taller Libertario Alfredo López and allied groups have been working for a decade to