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New police intervention on the ZAD

New police intervention on the ZAD

A massive military intervention was once again underway in the early afternoon of the 15th of February in an attempt to evacuate the ZAD (zone à défendre/ zone to defend). According to NGE (Public Works Professionals/ Construction engineering company), tree felling will resume.

According to the Toulouse public prosecutor, yesterday’s intervention was illegal. The latter called on the prefect to address the significant damage to biodiversity caused by the low-flying helicopter and the fires set by the CRS (Compagnies républicaines de sécurité / French National Police).

The Référé Pénal Environnemental is still awaiting judgment. Tree felling in areas of high biodiversity is illegal before 1 September.

Large numbers of CRS are advancing on the ZAD and firing grenades – join us in defending the zone!

This comes two days after:

On the Crem’Arbre ZAD or elsewhere, please don’t film

Video demonstration of the danger posed by fake reporters and snitches. Contrary to her claims, a live journalist from Toulouse films the faces of comrades and their installations on the ZAD.


STOP endangering the CREM’ARBRE!

A few days ago, a live broadcaster from Toulouse arrived at the ZAD. She tried to leave when she saw that she had been spotted filming. Contrary to her claims, the live cameraman filmed our faces and our installations. Her live footage remained available to the cops for several days on various networks.

This live show is just one example of the kind of fake reporters and real snitches you find here and elsewhere. Whether they work for the cops or not, those who put us in danger are not comrades. And their harmful practices must no longer be tolerated in our circles.

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Image: Non à l’aéroport Notre-Dame-des-Landes / CC BY 2.0 Deed / the downfall of the Grand Ouest airport project…by the ZAD’s camillies, cows and tractors, February 3, 2013.

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