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Freedom announces election night coverage

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has called a general election for Thursday 4th July. His Downing Street announcement was drowned out by the Labour campaign song from 1997, D:Ream’s Things Can Only Get Better. A six week campaign now begins and Freedom is ready to analyse it like never before.

Half way through the campaign, on Thursday 13th June, we will broadcast a campaign update via our YouTube channel and Facebook page. Then on Thursday 4th July, we will broadcast a reaction show to the results from an anarchist perspective with some very special guests. Look out for details of the timings of those broadcasts.

Assuming the technology works, we will be able to discuss the matters that we care about, rather than simply absorbing what the BBC or Sky thinks is important. We won’t have reports from the counts or interviews with top politicians. What we will have is what we always have: each other. Elections are about big ideas but ultimately, they filter down to community and street level. We are uniquely placed to consider things at all levels.

Between now and then, watch out for Election 2024 coverage on our website and join us for those broadcasts as we try to make sense of it all together.

photo: Cold War Steve

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