Statement: Køpi’s wagenplatz in Berlin currently under threat of eviction

March 25th: Below, we publish the statement from Køpi wagenplatz discussing their upcoming eviction threat.

Notes from the US: Biden’s friendly bombs

March 19th: Freedom’s long-running correspondent Louis Further offers his monthly round-up of news from across the Pond.

Support Guarani M’bya in Brazil!

March 13th: If you are able to, please support this important fundraiser by CUAPI –Coletivo Urbano em Apoio aos Povos Indígenas: a collective of indigenous and non-indigenous people with libertarian principles struggling and supporting the Guaranis M’bya people in Brazil.

10,000 march in Thessaloniki after police siege of university

March 12th: Campaigners against a new government law allowing police to attack university grounds had been occupying the Aristotle University’s Rector’s Office, until a dawn raid yesterday.

The Terror of Adolescence

March 6th: It’s the old coming of age story.

Notes from the US

February 16th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

Russian anarcho-syndicalists: ‘Neither Navalny nor Putin’

February 6th: KRAS, a section of anarchist international the IWA, has come out swinging against the false choice of a right-wing bigot or a murderous autocrat posed by recent protests — in the following statement the group explains why.

Spain: antifascist rapper to serve prison sentence for ‘insulting the crown’

February 5th: On Sunday 7th February, Spanish police are due to arrest rapper Pablo Hasél.

Belarus: Food Not Bombs activists receive prison sentences for giving away food

January 28th: A district court in the Belarusian capital Minsk sentenced a group of Food Not Bombs activists to 15 days arrest.

Spain: striking field workers call for solidarity

January 27th: On 14th January, the workers of the British company Fresh Tom Export in Almería (South Spain), a vegetable grower and trading company specialising in tomato crops, decided by almost unanimous vote to go on indefinite strike.