Notes from the US: From hate speech to violence

December 16th: Louis Further looks over the racist rhetoric and damaging actions which have been carried out in the land of the free over recent weeks.

Frankfurt: arson attacks against squats and self-organized spaces

December 7th: Since September, several arson attacks against squats and other self-organised alternative spaces have taken place in the Rhine-Main region in Germany.

Russia: imprisoned antifascists start hunger strike

December 4th: Two imprisoned Russian antifascist started a hunger strike at the end of last week, protesting their imprisonment and treatment during the investigation they are subjected to, and attempts to force confessions out of them.

Lithuanian teachers’ Ministry occupation enters second week

December 3rd: The occupation of Lithuania’s Ministry of Education headquarters in Vilnius is entering its second week and has been marked by a number of protests over the last few days.

Australian youth rise-up for climate justice

December 2nd: Students have been walking out of schools across Australia, highlighting Government failure to act in the face of potentially catastrophic climate breakdown.

Greece: general strike paralyzes Athens

November 28th: Athens was brought to standstill today after Greek trade union GSEE called for general strike, inviting all workers, pensioners, students and unemployed to participate.

Refugee crisis: three rescue boats return to Mediterranean

November 26th: Open Arms, Mediterranea, and Sea-Watch 3 will return to sea to continue their search-and-rescue operations, the three NGO rescue ships announced.

Indonesia: hundreds of Papuans arrested over self-determination rally plan

November 20th: Indonesian police and military troops arrested hundreds of Papuans on Monday in order to prevent them protesting in demand of the release of political prisoners and for the support of Asian, Caribbean and Pacific states self-determination.

Notes from the USA

November 18th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

Iran: court sentences 15 workers to prison and flogging for striking

November 12th: Fifteen workers of the Heavy Equipment Production Company (HEPCO) were sentenced to prison and flogging in Iran.