Russia: arrests and torture of anarchists and antifascists

February 2nd: Two people in St Petersburg and five in Penza (a city in western Russia) are under arrest, while many others have been connected to their cases as witnesses.

Florida prisoner ‘literally tortured’ after detailing prisoner abuse

January 27th: Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, an inmate incarnated in Florida State Prison in Raiford and a member of  Prison Chapter of the New Afrikan Black Panther Party (NABPP), is facing charges of “inciting a riot or demonstration” after he penned a letter detailing mistreatment of prisoners by the Florida Department of Corrections.

Ursula Le Guin dies aged 88

January 24th: One of the most influential writers of her generation, author of possibly the most famous anarchist science fiction ever penned, Le Guin passed away at home after a short illness.

France: Progressives prepare to fight Macron anti-migrant laws

January 23rd: Campaigners are gearing up for the next round of fighting against Macron’s planned tightening of deportation laws in the early part of 2018 with a major rally this Saturday.

Greece: Libertatia occupied centre burned by fascists

January 21st: Members of a mass nationalist rally in Thessaloniki attacked and burned a squatted social centre Libertatia in the city today, though fortunately no injuries have been reported.

Australia: Over 200 Detainees in Immigration Detention Commence Hunger Strike

January 18th: Over two hundred detainees at two detention centres, Villawood in Sydney and Maribyrnong in Melbourne, have declared a hunger strike in protest at visiting restrictions recently announced by Border Force.

France: ZAD declares victory as airport plan dropped!

January 17th: In a communique the famous horizontal community Zone à Defendre (ZAD) has declared a “historic victory” and called for “expropriated peasants and inhabitants to be able to fully recover their rights as soon as possible.” The entirety of the land area devoted to the airport project — 1,650 hectares of land declared as being of public

Naples: Anarchists under pressure as anti-mafia tactics employed in crackdown

January 17th: Bearing down on insurrectionist groups, the Italian State is using its organised crime units to cast a wide net and pressure anarchists nationwide.

Notes From the US: A gulf in green expectations

January 15th: Louis Further rounds up the latest happenings in US politics from an anarchist perspective.

Chile: Tamara Sol seriously injured by guards in ‘failed jailbreak’

January 13th: The family of Tamara Sol reported yesterday that the anarchist prisoner was brutally beaten on Thursday after allegedly attempting to lead an escape out of Valparaíso Women’s Penitentiary Center.