Mexico: anarchist political prisoner begins hunger strike

October 23rd: Last Friday Miguel Angel Peralta Betanzos, an anarchist political prisoner from Oaxaca, has decided to begin hunger strike.

Philippines’ War on Drugs: four Food Not Bombs volunteers murdered, one in jail

October 18th: As most of you probably heard, Philippines’ president Rodrigo Duterte, who assumed office in July 2016, had launched the “Philippine Drug War” known also as “Operation Double Barrel”.

Notes from the USA

October 17th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

Refugee crisis: three women found dead in Greece

October 12th: Three women attempting to reach Europe were found dead with their necks slashed close to the border of Turkey and Greece.

USA: hundreds of people attend Anti-Columbus Day Tour at American Museum of Natural History

October 9th: On Monday, around a thousand activists and artists gathered for the third annual Anti-Columbus Day at New York American Museum of Natural History: the fifth most visited museum in the country.

New report highlights the scale of repressions against activists in Poland

October 6th: Polish direct action group “Obywatele RP” (Citizens of Poland, ORP) released a report on repressions of activists taking action against the Polish government.

Greece: queer activist Zak Kostopoulos lynched to death in Athens

September 23rd: CW: descriptions of violence Queer activist and performer Zak Kostopoulos was beaten to death, allegedly following his attempted robbery of a jewellery store at Glastonos Street near Omonia Square in the centre of Athens.

Notes from the US

September 22nd: Freedom US correspondent Louis Further reports on the lesser- known happenings in the United States.

Hambach Forest eviction ‘halted’ after a person dies

September 21st: One person has been confirmed dead during police operation to evict the Hambach Forest protest camp.

Violent robberies and deportations of refugees in Greece’s Evros region

September 17th: CW: graphic images and descriptions of violence and sexual assault.