‘Something has changed in the power dynamic’: interviews with anarchists from Minneapolis and NYC

June 21st: On 25 May George Floyd was murdered by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mexico: Anger over reactionary violence reaches boiling point

June 14th: This week has seen more clashes in Mexico City between activists against State repression, who have been designated “anarchist youth” by media reports, and increasingly violent police lines.

Special Notes from the US: May and June protests

June 2nd: “If you can tell me something better for me to do…

No Justice, No Peace

May 28th: On Monday in Minneapolis, Minnesota an unarmed black man called George Floyd was murdered by white police officer Derek Chauvin as three others stood and watched.

Germany: Seasonal workers force farm bosses to pay up

May 21st: Creditors who had taken over the Spargel Ritter asparagus farm in Bornheim, Bonn, thought they could get away without paying what they owed to low-waged workers, but a solid campaign organised with the FAU syndicalist union soon disabused them of that notion.

On Crimean Tatar remembrance day, Russia is using Covid-19 as a weapon

May 18th: Banned from wearing the most basic PPE in public, detained on false counter-extremism charges, threatened with evictions, and prevented from accessing healthcare: the latest tactics by Russian occupying forces to repress and threaten Crimean Tatars.

Notes from the US

May 14th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

Greece: crowd gathers in Athens to protest new environmental legislation

May 7th: Thousands gathered in Athens last Monday (04.05), to protest the new anti-environmental bill, which the ruling right-wing New Democracy party made everything in its power to prepare and pass during the pandemic, with the hope of avoiding social turmoil.

No one left alone in the hands of the state: Greek prison Solidarity Fund calls for emergency support

May 6th: The Greek Prison Solidarity Fund have commenced an online fundraiser, asking for emergency support during the time of COVID-19.

Greek PM, Rouvikonas, and the escalating impact of a police brutality incident

May 3rd: It all started last Monday, April 27th, when Giorgos Kalaitzidis, a well-known member of the media-notorious anarchist group Rouvikonas, posted a video that had been sent to him on facebook featuring a police brutality incident against a motorcyclist in the centre of Athens.