Nantes: squatted refugee centre evicted

March 9th: At early hours last Wednesday, the prefecture of Nantes, with the green light of the presidency of the university campus, evicted the Castle of Tertre: a university building occupied by students and refugees last Autumn in order to house child migrants.

ZAD: a month away from possible eviction

March 2nd: Following the announcement by French prime minister Edouard Philippe that the ‘illegal occupants’ will be evicted at the end of March, for four weeks now ZAD has seen a large police presence, with about 200 gendarmerie mobilised daily in the area.

Five injured after attack on Greek anti-fascist center

February 28th: Five people were injured and two taken to hospital after Golden Dawn attacked anti-fascist social center in Piraeus in Greece.

Review of repressions against anarchists in Russia

February 27th: Moscow Anarchist Black Cross released the review of repression of anarchists by Russian state in 2017 and early 2018.

Tresspass Journal Issue 2

February 24th: Our friends from Trespass Journal sent in their recent issue.  It is in depth, multilingual publication about issues of squatting all over the World.

Italy: arson attack on CSA Magazzino47 Social Centre

February 23rd: Last night the fascists broke into CSA Magazzino47 social centre in Brescia, Italy, and set fire to it.

Poland: logging in Bialowieza Forest declared illegal

February 22nd: The Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the EU has issued a legal opinion confirming that increased logging in Poland’s Bialowieza Forest is in breach of EU nature laws.

Chinese state persecutes Marxists

February 21st: Some quite ironic news from China.

Bulgaria: Antifa stands up to fascist march

February 19th: Bulgarian Antifa held a protest in Sofia under the slogan  ‘No Nazis on Our Streets, No to Fortress Europe” on 17th February against the annual fascist demo commemorating Hristo Lukov: a World War 2 politician, minister of war, and a supporter of Nazi Germany.

Iran: two female political prisoners on hunger strike

February 16th: Iranian activists call for solidarity with two female political prisoners, Atena Daemi and Golrokh Iraee, who are in dire situation due to 13 days of hunger strike.