USA: antifascists and fascists clash outside Islamic convention

September 4th: More than 100 antifascists and white supremacists, some armed, clashed outside the 55th annual Islamic Society of North America convention at the George R.

French and German anti-nuclear campaigners block uranium transport

September 3rd: At early morning hours last Saturday, a group of French and German anti-nuclear activists blocked the uranium transport train.

Greek police arrest three activists for helping migrants enter the EU

August 31st: Greek police have arrested Syrian swimmer Sara Mardini and two other activists on charges of smuggling migrants into Greece.

ICE and the Impact on Communities of Colour

August 28th: In the last 20 months of the Trump administration, we have seen a continued targeting of communities of color throughout the United States.

Italy: 150 Eritrean refugees stuck on Diciotti ship start hunger strike

August 25th: Some 150 refugees stuck on board the coast guard ship Diciotti in the Sicilian port of Catania  have started a hunger strike.

Russia: jailed Ukranian filmmaker enters 100th day of hunger strike

August 22nd: Oleg Sentsov, Ukrainian filmmaker and critic of the Kremlin government who is incarnated in Russia, entered 100th day of hunger strike yesterday.

Poland: Police break antifascist blockade, allow neo-fascists to march

August 16th: Remember this Polish neo-nazi group National Radical Camp, or ONR, who recently organised beach patrols in Italy in order to “protect women from migrants“?

USA: alleged ELF and ALF fugitive, Joseph Dibee, arrested After 12 Years

August 14th: Joseph Mahmoud Dibee, an alleged member of the Earth Liberation Front group “The Family,” has been arrested in Cuba and is now being held in Oregon.

Brasil: 23 people sentenced to prison for World Cup 2014 protests

August 13th: The Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro sentenced 23 people to imprisonment for partaking in protests against FIFA World Cup.

Indonesia: local activists sentenced to prison

August 10th: The 7 prisoners from Sukorharjo in Central Java province charged for involvement in the riots outside the PT.