Russia: Tortured anarchist detained again for ‘hooliganism’

February 13th: A Moscow court yesterday denied bail to Azat Miftakhov on the charge, which has seemingly been brought because the State was unable to justify earlier terror-related allegations.

Poland: Mysterious ‘Carrier Pigeon Flu’ keeps postal workers at home

February 9th: Since the start of the month the epidemic, which workers believe has been caused by overwork due to poor working conditions, has spread to over 40 post offices throughout Poland.

South Africa: ANC deploys Apartheid-era tactics against land occupation

February 4th: The eThekwini Municipality is expecting delivery of four Casspirs – armoured vehicles originally deployed during Apartheid to repress black communities, and now being used to repress political land occupations, reports Abahlali baseMjondolo.

Torture and one person missing: new wave of repressions against Russian anarchists

February 3rd: At early hours of Friday 1st February, Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) raided several flats in Moscow, arresting 10 people under “conspiracy charges”.

France: Act 12 rallies in face of repression

February 2nd: After months of clashes, “Act 12” of the main Gilet Jaunes (yellow vest) marches today is setting itself squarely against police and fascist violence – and calls are growing for a general strike.

Serbia: Anarchists keep pressure up against damaging ‘micro-dams’

January 28th: New protests took place this week pushing the government on its promises to halt a boom in environmentally-damaging projects across the region.

Notes from the US: Tear gas and lies at the border

January 14th: The Sinclair Broadcast Group is a notorious provider of right-wing propaganda.

Czech Rep: Klinika social centre mounts eviction resistance

January 10th: After two years of back and forth, police and private security have been sent in to clear out the autonomous squatted centre, which has been an important cultural and community building since it opened in Prague in 2014.

Ukraine: arrests and repressions of anarchists

January 9th: This article was originally published in Ukrainian media outlet Zaborona.

ADM squatted centre evicted

January 7th: Dutch authorities ignored a UN ruling protecting the social centre today to brutally clear the area with riot police, private security and heavy machinery.