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Ahead of another summer of climate disasters, let’s talk about real solutions

May 8th: In cooperation with CrimethInc., we present a short text from Peter Gelderloos exploring why the strategies that mainstream environmental movements are currently employing to halt industrially-produced climate change are failing—and what we could be doing instead.

Confronting the eco-fascists in Lyon

May 7th: To defuse an eco-fascist campaign, radicals in Lyon are working on intellectual and legal counterattacks

Why the State Can’t Compromise with the Gaza Solidarity Movement

May 5th: In the following analysis, participants in the campus occupations movement explore the strategic questions it confronts today.

demonstators in Tbilisi

Georgia: Mass protests against pro-Russian government and “foreign agents” law

April 29th: A remarkable grassroots rebellion is sweeping across Georgia against the pro-Russian regime's blatant attempts to drag the country back under Moscow's imperialist boot.

Alexander Snezhkov in pre-trial detention

Russia: Prison sentences for “terrorist” graffiti

April 27th: A military court has sentenced the Chita anarchists – 19-year-old Alexander Snezhkov and 16-year-old Lyubov Lizunova – to six years and three and a half years in prison, respectively.

An exhibition case showing a historical anarchist magazine and photos

“No Gods, No Masters, No Husbands”

April 27th: An exhibition showcases women editors, translators, proofreaders, typographers and packagers in anarchist print culture

Paramedics on the scene of the Nazi attack. Photo: Left Party Facebook page

After Nazi attack, Swedish anarchist publisher says he will not be silenced

April 25th: On Wednesday a meeting about antifascism in Stockholm was attacked by a group of Nazis.

“This Empire too will be Eclipsed”

April 21st: Report from Carbondale, Illinois on recent march and demonstration during the eclipse.

Notes from the US: Alarmingly degenerate

April 20th: If it weren't so disturbing, you might want to amuse yourself with the reaction of the right in the United States to current events.

First circled A in block letters (1964)

The circled A at 60: The true story

April 19th: The circled A was invented in Paris in 1964 and reinvented in Milan in 1966