Freedom News

Notes from the US: Fascist cultism

October 14th: This month, we examine how this elevation of selfishness and lack of compassion and empathy have reached the stage that it has.

EU Law revision — border guards decide asylum claimants

October 1st: EU ministers are set to approve a change to existing law that would essentially allow border guards to decide who has the right to seek asylum

Culture of Solidarity

September 28th: Culture of Solidarity is a fast growing mutual aid group based in Tel Aviv-Jaffa in Israel-Palestine.

ANC profits while KwaZulu-Natal residents thirst

September 23rd: The ANC does not care about poor black people.

Notes from the US: Fascism reveals itself

September 14th: A look at what US fascism means and where it came from

A roundup of Italy’s ‘Scripta Scelera’ raids

September 13th: Anarchists are feeling the full force of Meloni-era repression after police went after a radical newspaper

Croatia: A new detention centre, but no solutions

September 4th: European policies tend to support technical equipment, unreliable securitisation plans and procedures, and questionable police centres rather than new, effective, common policies on migration.

Spain: Anarchists assemble picket lines for IKEA dispute

September 2nd: The Madrid section of Spain’s long-running CNT-AIT anarchist union is taking on the famous furniture maker in an effort to force bosses to fold in a dispute at one of its suppliers.

Notes from the US: Constitutional breakdown

August 16th: Project 2025 plans to 'transition' almost all federal power into the hands of one far right, effectively fascist leader.

France: Water convoy to press for action as drought deepens in Poitou

July 26th: The bicycle and tractor rally will travel from the south-western town of Sainte Soline to Paris to demand accountability over the imposition of controversial mega-basins.