France: Rally attacked by police as lacklustre unions face criticism

November 17th: Protests in Paris were attacked by police yesterday, with marchers under the CGT banner being tear-gassed as they rallied against labour laws being introduced by the Macron government stripping away labour rights.

Indymedia Nantes and Grenoble Threatened With Closure

November 14th: Following the publication of the statement claiming responsibility for arson in a Gendarmerie barracks in Grenoble, Indymedia Grenoble and Nantes were requested by the authorities to either remove the statement, or face the possibility of the government blocking access to their websites.

Notes from the US: Oil and the law

November 13th: Freedom Columnist Louis Further rounds up some lesser-known happenings on the other side of the Atlantic.

Jayda Fransen of Britain First Attends National Radical March in Poland

November 12th: Yesterday Poland celebrated its Independence Day.

Occupation of General Directorate of State Forests in Warsaw, Poland

November 10th: Twenty two people were arrested yesterday during the occupation of the General Directorate of State Forests in Warsaw, Poland.

Russia: Anarchists illegally protest for revolution centenary

November 9th: This year Leninists worldwide have been celebrating the victory of the Bolsheviks in the October Revolution but in Russia the anarchists came out to remember the event from a different perspective, that of an opportunity stolen and a promise yet to be.

Greece Passes Gender Recognition Law

November 8th: In October, the Greek parliament passed a bill enabling citizens to determine their gender identity without having to undergo any physical or psychological examination from the age of 15.

Calls go out for emergency embassy protests for Manus refugees

November 7th: As the Manus Island siege enters its seventh day, with around 600 interred refugees having barricaded themselves against dangerous removal to a temporary site where they fear violence from islanders, the Rise refugee team is calling for solidarity protests today at Australian embassies.

Polish Junior Doctors Call Off Hunger Strike

October 31st: Today Polish junior doctors announced the end of their hunger strike.The strike lasted for 28 days and involved doctors from eight cities.

Greece: Solidarity groups warn of new refugee winter crisis

October 25th: Protests at Vial refugee camp on the Greek-Turkish border coincided with public callouts yesterday for the international community to do something concrete to stop deaths from exposure and cold in the coming winter months.