The unique solidarity of Velika Kladuša in Bosnia

May 25th: Locals together with international volunteers are warmly welcoming people at the Bosnian-Croatian border and are trying their best to support them and show solidarity.

Russia: protest against prison torture

May 23rd: St Petersburg: about 400 people took part in the rally against torture of prisoners in Russia: an impressive turn out for a country where brutal political repression is a norm.

Notes from the US: Jailing migrant children

May 16th: Louis Further’s latest roundup of goings-on in the USA.

Israel: Antifa opposes nationalist ‘Jerusalem Flag Parade’

May 14th: Jerusalem Antifa took action against the Jerusalem Flag Parade nationalist march held annually on 13th of May.

Founding of a New International

May 12th: The first reports are coming in from the Foundational Congress for a New International — an effort to draw together some of the biggest syndicalist unions worldwide.

ABRA Anarchist Social Centre opens in Havana

May 8th: The ABRA social centre and library, which opened on May 5th, marks a major milestone for the anarchists in Cuba, who have struggled to reassert themselves after the Castro crackdowns of the 1950s.

Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour convicted of ‘Facebook incitement’

May 4th: A Palestinian poet was convicted of “inciting violence” and “supporting a terrorist organisation” on Thursday for a poem she posted on social media that the prosecution claimed called for violence against the occupation.

No pasarán: neo nazi march successfully blocked by citizens of Warsaw, Poland

May 2nd: Mayday march organised by Polish fascists under the slogan “National Workers Day” was successfully stopped by the coalition of antifascist groups and the citizens of Warsaw.

Poland: Anger as hipster clothes firm patents “Women’s Strike”

April 26th: Last week saw a series of deletions of some groups and fan pages using the name “Dziewuchy Dziewuchom” – an umbrella term for a large grassroots group of women who organised the recent Polish Women Strikes.

Netherlands: harsh sentences for squatters

April 25th: The six squatters who occupied a water tower in Utrecht last October to mark 7 years since squatting were made illegal in Netherlands were sentenced this week.