Chile Protest - Rev

Latin America and the Caribbean are in flames

October 28th: Indigenous peoples are now leading the struggle, and they refuse to be forgotten and tokenised any more.

French migrant hunger strikers communique: ‘No Liberty, No Equality, No Fraternity for us’

October 27th: Immigration Detention Centres, Centre de Retention Administratif or CRA in French.

Hungary: neo-fascists attack Aurora Jewish community centre

October 24th: Hungarian neo-fascists from “Legio Hungaria” group have attacked the Aurora Jewish Community Centre in Budapest.

What is happening in Chile?

October 21st: This text was sent to Freedom by our comrades in Chile.

The frontline is everywhere: Communique from a comrade in Syria

October 13th: On the day of a Call to Action against Turkey’s invasion of Rojava, Syria, in a week where there was mass civil disobedience on the streets of London, molotovs and State-murder in Hong Kong, and police taken hostage in indigenous protests in Ecuador, we got in touch with one of our machine-gun-strapping, Isis-blapping, fascist-fragging anarchist

Libertarian manifesto on the Ecuadorian crisis

October 13th: The following text comes from the leaflet distributed by the group  “Solidaridad Anarquista Ecuatoriana” (SAE) on the streets of Ecuador’s capital Quito.

Gamers show solidarity with player banned over Hong Kong protests support

October 11th: You probably haven’t heard of Blitzchung but he has just cost Activision Blizzard and their subsidiary Blizzard Entertainment billions.

Poland: as government’s anti-LGBTQ+ campaign intensifies, homophobes bring bomb to Pride March

October 4th: CW: bigotry According to media reports and the police, the Gay Pride march in Polish city Lublin could have potentially been a victim of a homemade bomb attack.

Large protest in Moscow demands release of political prisoners

October 3rd: Around 20,000 people gathered last Sunday in central Moscow to demand freedom for political prisoners.

Emergency action required to defend antifascist prisoner Jock Palfreeman!

September 27th: Jock Palfreeman is an Australian antifascist currently imprisoned in Bulgaria.