New report highlights the scale of repressions against activists in Poland

October 6th: Polish direct action group “Obywatele RP” (Citizens of Poland, ORP) released a report on repressions of activists taking action against the Polish government.

Greece: queer activist Zak Kostopoulos lynched to death in Athens

September 23rd: CW: descriptions of violence Queer activist and performer Zak Kostopoulos was beaten to death, allegedly following his attempted robbery of a jewellery store at Glastonos Street near Omonia Square in the centre of Athens.

Notes from the US

September 22nd: Freedom US correspondent Louis Further reports on the lesser- known happenings in the United States.

Hambach Forest eviction ‘halted’ after a person dies

September 21st: One person has been confirmed dead during police operation to evict the Hambach Forest protest camp.

Violent robberies and deportations of refugees in Greece’s Evros region

September 17th: CW: graphic images and descriptions of violence and sexual assault.

Indefensible: Idlib and the left

September 12th: This text was contributed to Freedom by Leila Al-Shami: British Syrian activist and writer, co-author (with Robin Yassin-Kassab) of Burning Country: Syrians in Revolution and War.

Activists occupy third Dublin property to highlight Ireland’s housing crisis

September 10th: Take Back the City: a network of 18 grassroots activist groups who are working together to take direct action against property owners across Ireland’s capital, have occupied a property in Dublin.

Berlin: activists occupy site of planned Google Campus

September 8th: Yesterday campaigners have occupied the former electric substation in Berlin’s Kreuzberg: a planned site of the new Google Campus.

USA: antifascists and fascists clash outside Islamic convention

September 4th: More than 100 antifascists and white supremacists, some armed, clashed outside the 55th annual Islamic Society of North America convention at the George R.

French and German anti-nuclear campaigners block uranium transport

September 3rd: At early morning hours last Saturday, a group of French and German anti-nuclear activists blocked the uranium transport train.