Cuba: Solidarity for the San Isidro Movement

December 8th: At the end of November 2018, activists from the Artistic Movement of San Isidro met for the first time to demonstrate in the streets of Havana and in front of the Ministry of Culture, with the aim of obtaining the repeal of the Decree 349: a law aimed at restricting the creativity of any artistic

Greece marks 12th anniversary of Alexis Grigoropoulos murder

December 7th: This year’s 6th of December marked 12 years since the cold-blooded murder by the Greek police of 15-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos in the neighbourhood of Exarcheia.

Belarus: Interview with anarchist Vlad M. after 30 days of arrest

December 5th: Pramen contacted a comrade, the anarchist Vlad M.

ABC Belarus calls for week of solidarity with anarchists and antifascists of Belarus

November 21st: Below, Freedom reproduces the callout released by ABC Belarus, urging for a week of solidarity with anarchists and antifascists persecuted by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko to take place 23-30 November.

Poland: Anarchists successfully stop allotment gardens eviction

November 18th: Anarchists from Rozbrat squat in Poznań, together with other groups, have successfully stopped the eviction of neighbouring allotment gardens “ROD Bogdanka”.

Greece: state suppresses demonstrations in memory of 1973 Polytechnic Uprising

November 17th: This year the anniversary of the 1973 uprising at the Polytechnic University in Athens, which the junta of the colonels drowned in blood by sending tanks to suppress it, is more topical than ever before.

Support revolution in Belarus

November 16th: ABC Belarus has set up a fundraiser to support anarchists in their struggle against the authoritarian regime of Alexander Lukashenko.

Border Violence Monitoring Network publish report on criminalisation of solidarity in Western Balkans

November 10th: Some of the volunteers from the Border Violence Monitoring Network have compiled a report documenting some of the most recent pressures on solidarity work along the Balkan Route.

Open letter in support of Belarus anarchist revolutionaries

November 4th: Several anarchist groups from Belarus have published a joint open letter in solidarity with four recently arrested Belarussian anarchists.

The right-wing wants terror: statement from Rozbrat squat on the protests in Poland

October 30th: During the Women’s Strike demonstrations taking place this Wednesday across Poland, organized groups of men attacked mostly women protesters in several cities.