Europe is stained by the ashes of Moria refugee camp

September 10th: Yesterday morning we awoke to the news that Europe’s largest refugee camp burnt to the ground overnight.

Spain: What is behind the campaign against squatting?

August 29th: A moral panic has been emerging about the “threat” of mass squatting in Spain, but what’s the reality?

Belarus: Anarchist Prisoners

August 28th: As part of the ongoing International Week of Solidarity With Anarchist Prisoners, a correspondent rounds up the four main cases of anarchists who have been detained by the Lukashenko dictatorship.

Greece: Terra Incognita evicted

August 19th: After a 16-year run the squatted centre just off Agora Square in the port city of Thessaloniki was cleared out in an early-morning raid.

Notes from the US

August 16th: Freedom’s long-running US correspondent Louis Further does his monthly roundup of some of the lesser-known stories that have emerged over the last few weeks.

France: Prison overcrowding during heatwave sparks hunger strikes

August 14th: After an astonishing decision to crush excessive numbers of prisoners into migrant detention centre CRA Vincennes left people living four to a cell, inmates have lost patience with the situation.

Belarusian ABC calls for solidarity actions with the uprising against the Lukashenko regime

August 13th: After the presidential elections held in Belarus on 9th August, protests and clashes with the security forces continue in the country.

How did the Belarusians come to rebellion against the dictatorship

August 11th: If you had asked people in Belarus how long the dictatorship of Lukashenko has left in early 2020, they would have looked at you like a fool.

Poland: Stop Bzdurom, Queer struggle and the events of yesterday in Warsaw

August 8th: Dozens of people were arrested in Warsaw yesterday following the police executing a court order granting two-month pre-trial detention of a member of Stop Bzdurom (Stop Bullshit) queer collective Małgorzata Szutowicz (Margot)* concerning a direct action involving alleged damage to a truck driving around Warsaw blasting homophobic hate speech (or indeed, bullshit) from its loudspeakers. 

Brazil: Anti-fascist couriers form workers’ co-op in Rio

July 31st: As a form of self-organisation and resistance, and driven by the principles of mutual support and solidarity, workers in Rio de Janeiro have launched the Despatronados delivery co-op.  The initiative has come out of the Movement of Anti-Fascist Deliverers, an organisation which was formed in the wake of tough conditions around delivery services during the