Argentina: An open letter against repression of the Mapuche

January 2nd: The below statement sees progressive groups explain how Argentine security services, which recently set up taskforce to tackle what they call the Mapuche Ancestral Resistance are deliberately conflating many different campaigns to justify political repression.

Mexico: Free radio stations denounce government crackdown

December 28th: The following is a statement and report from the 13th annual meeting of community radio and media projects on the Mexican government’s recent efforts to restrict and commercialise use of the radio spectrum, effectively criminalising the country’s many free radical radio outlets.  As community radios and free media projects meeting for the 13th anniversary of

Italy: ‘Humanity welcome’ rally calls for aid to abandoned refugees

December 20th: For months now the situation of asylum seekers in San Lorenzo Isontino, near the Italy-Slovenia border, has been shocking. Just like in Pordenone, the city’s centre-right council (with the complicity of the wider Gorizia Prefecture) is leaving hundreds of refugees waiting for the right to asylum to freeze without any kind of assistance.

French Activist Facing Jail for Assisting Child Migrants

December 19th: French activist Martine Landry is facing jail and a fine after she was charged with “facilitating the entry of two illegal foreign minors”.

Spain: Court Gives 12 Rappers 2 Years Jail Each for Performing a Song

December 17th: Twelve rappers from the group La Insurgencia were sentenced to two years and a day of jail each for “supporting terrorism” in their lyrics.

Notes from the US: Billionare’s Bonanza

December 14th: Freedom correspondent Louis Further rounds up the latest efforts of the US State to bolster polluting and violent industries at the expense of all.

First Balkan IWA Congress takes place in Belgrade

December 12th: Having split in 2015-16 [1][2][3], a much smaller International Workers Association (IWA) gathered in Belgrade last month, a country which as recently as last year was still trying to jail the organisation’s members on spurious terror charges.

Germany: Media firms hand unpublished G20 riot footage to cops

December 11th: Just days after police raided dozens of properties nationwide it has emerged that Hamburg cops were given hundreds of gigabytes of raw footage by major media firms.

Anarkismo Network: Statement of the general meeting

December 10th: European sections of the platformist international have issued a joint declaration on the state of the movement following last month’s gathering in Genoa.

Germany: Cops Raid More Than 20 Properties As Part of G20 Summit Investigation

December 8th: More than 20 properties in several German states were raided as part of ongoing invesitgation by German police special branch (ironically named “Black Block”) into the clashes during G20 summit in Hamburg in July 2017.