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Rouvikonas volunteers battle Greek fires

July 21st: As with the fires that started yesterday in Kouvaras and Dervenochoria, in Loutraki, we are witnessing the magical Greek phenomenon.

France: Sabotage at the sewage site

July 17th: In a new communique, the Peasant Confederation has claimed responsibility for a fire that has shut down a controversial new effluent disposal site in Sorbiers, central France, which they say is draining poisonous waste into river waters.

Chile’s 18 October Movement claim responsibility for attacks on infrastructure

July 13th: "We take responsibility for three explosive attacks against capitalist infrastructure"

The roots of the French riots

July 10th: The gap that we usually see in heavily policed states between the “violence-done-to-people-of-colour-by-cops” and “what-those-cops-have-to-say-about-it”, is steadily closing in France.

Foul play as hundreds dead after Greek shipwreck

June 16th: Up to 500 people may have died and more than 100 people rescued after a large vessel capsized in Greek waters.

Notes from the US: Bigotry reigning

June 15th: DeSantis and his mob have explicitly warned us what to expect if he gets anywhere near the White House.

UnFreedom Day held by Abahlali baseMjondolo

April 27th: We were made poor so that others could be made rich and we are kept poor so that others can remain rich.

Lithuania to vote on allowing collective expulsions of asylum seekers

April 22nd: The proposed amendments will silently prevent people from applying for asylum in Lithuania, whilst the nation very publicly accepts refugees from Ukraine.

Notes from the US: Trump gets indicted

April 15th: Almost without exception Republicans lined up that same night to call the indictment "outrageous".

Brussels: Squat eviction victimises undocumented people

April 11th: This Thursday, April 6 at 9am, the municipality of Ixelles evicted a squat of 7 undocumented people, applying an inhabitability order dating from October 2022, without providing rehousing.