Venezuela: State Power — when the Left is the problem

April 17th: As protests rise once again on the streets of Caracas, we are witnessing a struggle between the conservative Venezuelan bourgeoisie removed from control of the State apparatus and an emerging middle class which uses the State as a lever of accumulation, writes Raúl Zibechi.

Chile: Women and the pensions backlash

April 10th: Following a new wave of protests against Chile’s Pinochet-era privatised pensions system, María Carrasco of libertarian communist journal Solidaridad looks at why women have particular reason to stand up for a new way.

Radical Mapuche Struggle: Ancestral resistance against the State and capital

April 6th: The fight for autonomy of the mapuche peoples in Chile has much to teach us, argues Contra Toda Autoridad in this article, originally written for Issue 4 of the collective’s journal and translated by Avalanche.

Russia: Alexi Navalny is no “honest guardian” against Kremlin oppression, anarchists warn

March 26th: As liberal “centrist” protests against corruption in Russia kick off nationwide today, led by lawyer and political figure Alexi Navalny, Russian anarcho-syndicalist group KRAS-AIT argues that for the country’s poor, his “responsible” free-market vision offers no respite: Opposition politician Navalny (pictured above), posing as an honest guardian of the people’s interests, has called on the population of Russia

Democracy and the NHS

March 20th: The mythology regarding the 1945-51 Labour governments dies hard on the left, particularly in the era of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour which often sees itself taking up the mantle of an older, less compromised, form of state socialism.

Louis Further: Notes From The US

March 16th: Early one morning a dirty but originally silver oil tanker on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, California, near the busiest traffic intersection in the world could be seen with this message painted on its oval back: John 3:18: Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already, because

The Tories and the Union Barons: A Love Story

March 15th: The Tories are always banging on about union barons and the menace that they are to society.

Case notes: Chelsea Manning

March 5th: On May 17th, Private Chelsea Manning’s sentence for 35 years will have been commuted by Barack Obama.

Students are suffering — rent strikes are the solution

February 20th: If you thought that the student mental health “crisis” was something of an exaggeration, let us start off with some fun statistics.

Double book analysis: Peter Davison on George Orwell

February 16th: In this review and analysis piece, Raymond S.