G20: We won the battle, elites are winning the media war

July 24th: Indymedia Germany has, as with most other branches of the free media project, been ailing over the last few years (including its UK counterpart, which closed for good in 2016).

Forget the Judge Led Inquiry – Grenfell Needs a People’s Inquiry

July 7th: The Grenfell Tower disaster shows British capitalism up for what it is.

Case Study: Organising in a community mental health team

July 3rd: A member of the Bristol Care Workers Network reflects on their experiences organising in healthcare.

Case study: Charity chugging in the north-west

June 26th: A Plan C member in Manchester writes as part of the group’s Worker Enquiry series of articles…

Grenfell: Because they were poor

June 19th: A member of the Anarchist Federation writes on guilt and the ever-rising death count in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire.

John Bull believers face a rude awakening

June 9th: Iain McKay writes on the collapse of the Tory economic plan and its dire “solutions” to the looming troubles of Brexit On every level Thatcherism is recognised to have failed, from the broken housing market, to railways unfit for purpose, a dysfunctional labour market etc.

Anti-democratic values: Making the case for consensus

June 8th: In this essay written for the June C4SS Mutual Exchange Symposium, Derek Wittorff argues that the left’s focus on democracy and a falling off of interest in consensus-based approaches is short-sighted, and pushes even anarchists down paths of hierarchical control.

Notes on the 2017 General Election Campaign

June 7th: In his latest column, Jon Bigger muses on one of the weirdest general election spectacles in living memory.

Case study: A campaign over insecure work

June 4th: Liverpool Solfed writes about its campaign against as the firm attempts to ape companies like Deliveroo and Uber in casualising jobs into a self-employed “gig economy” model At Easter, Liverpool-SolFed made a call out to protest against working conditions at Sandemans, a company which offers “Free Tours” in Liverpool and across Europe.

Anarchists analyse Brazil’s political earthquake

May 26th: In the following essay members of Coordinación Anarquista Brasileña, a member group of the Anarkismo network, analyses the series of mass protests, riots and rebellions which have rocked the State and its elites in recent months.