Gender Ideology? Up Yours!

June 16th: CW: Transphobia I’ve been feeling recently a bit like the popular online discourse around transphobia and trans liberation is living in another world and to the extent that social media is very much still a media world that’s the truth.

The Tories After May

May 28th: It’s not unusual for a party leader to resign the day after an election.

Brexit Day – a confused day for the far right, marred by infighting

April 7th: This article was orginially posted on the website of London Antifascists.

A sideways look: Water scams

March 20th: In Ireland, a 2010 structural adjustment programme ordered the country to start charging domestic customers for water, where previously it was included in local taxation.

Britain After Brexit

March 1st: Jon Bigger writes on the likely scene awaiting us and the UK’s decline as a world power – with or without the EU.

Italian anarchists for the general women’s strike

February 26th: The Italian Anarchist Federation writes on why it will be mobilising for the global strike initiative on March 8th, amid an atmosphere of reaction which has been driving repressive reforms.

Gender egalitarianism vs patriarchy theory

January 29th: Were early human societies egalitarian?

From eXile to Dirtbag: Edgelord geopolitics and the rise of “National Bolshevism”

January 23rd: Alexander Reid Ross takes an in-depth look at the genesis of the new Red fascism as it metastasized in Russia and spread to the alt right in the US.

Italian anarchists on the extradition of Cesare Battisti

January 21st: The former armed strugglist, active in the 1970s as part of an autonomist Marxist cell, was recently captured and flown to Italy from Bolivia after 38 years on the run.

Brexit Anarchy: We Need to Take Back Control from Westminster

January 18th: One of the phrases that came out of the Brexit referendum campaign time and time again was “taking back control”, writes Jon Bigger.