Transgender women seeking asylum in the UK: shunned & sabotaged

August 16th: In an era of Trump and the rise of the far-right across the globe, it’s easy to see how our attentions may be diverted from the UK’s tedious fixation on Brexit to the pressing acts of inhumanity occurring on the other side of the Atlantic.

Yarl’s Wood: the vulnerable women locked up in Britain’s detention centres

August 8th: According to recent findings from Women for Refugee Women, around 2,000 women who are seeking refuge in the UK are detained per year.

Restorative justice, and reducing the harm of drugs

August 7th: While the following article from C4SS mainly deals with US arguments over legalisation, the topic discussion is well worth having — England and Wales have one of the highest rates of drug-related deaths in the EU, over 17 times higher than the rate of Portugal, which decriminalised all personal drug possession in 2001.

Legal: Do you have to give your fingerprints to police?

August 5th: Going on protests can often be a legal minefield, which is why you need to know your stuff when you go on them.

Beyond Symbols: Extremist Scripture and the American Far-Right

July 29th: Following 2018’s string of high profile bomb threats and the horrifying events in Pittsburgh, the House Democrats now find themselves grilling the FBI and Homeland Security on their reluctance to address the threat of domestic right-wing terrorism.

Justified Resistance in the Face of Catastrophe

July 23rd: What acts of resistance are justified in the face of an overwhelming injustice?

Against Ecofascism – 12 Rules for WHAT

July 4th: 12 Rules for WHAT is a podcast on fascism, antifascism and the far right from the perspective of the left.

Notes on the Brexit Party, UKIP and the European elections

June 24th: The Brexit Party and UKIP In the wake of the European Elections UKIP’s place in UK politics seems increasingly precarious.

Book Review: Good Times In Dystopia

June 20th: Good Times in Dystopia George F Zero Books ISBN: 1789041902 Review by Wil Crisp In this European tour of grass roots anarchism and radical activism George F navigates the peripheries of mainstream society from decaying squats in east London to pastoral protest treehouses in Germany’s ancient Hambach Forest.

Book review: Kropotkin — Reviewing the Classical Anarchist Tradition

June 17th: “Kinna is right that Kropotkin has been misunderstood, that the common perspective of his politics is distinctly at odds with what he actually advocated, and her book helps put the record straight.” by Ruth KinnaEdinburgh University Press, 2016ISBN: 978-1474428378272pp Review by Iain McKay Anarchists from Proudhon onwards have met with misunderstanding and not a little