Institutional bias: The BBC and climate change damage

November 9th: David Edwards and David Cromwell contrast Big Media and Auntie Beeb’s coverage of Hurricane Harvey and the South Asian floods, where a Western disaster gets wall-to-wall coverage while a South Asian one barely registers.

Roots of the raids against Brazil’s anarchist movement

November 5th: Following a series of raids against properties linked to the Gaucho Anarchist Federation (FAG) late last month, The Kaos Library in Porto Allegre analyses its own troubles from the crackdown, including the use of its published books to “justify” Operation Érebo.

An open letter to Plan C on Corbyn’s Labour

November 1st: Plan C recently ran a series of articles about the libertarian left and the Labour Party under Corbyn, including three which were very pro engagement.

The Way Forward for South Africa: Class Struggle and Anarchism

October 24th: In this article, published online by Zabalaza Anarchist-Communist Federation, Nkululeko Khubisa of the Tokologo African Anarchist Collective consisely considers the current situation in South Africa.

Book extract: Deep Ecology and Anarchism

October 15th: Marking the run-up to the launch of deep ecology and anarchism at this year’s London Anarchist Bookfair on October 28th, below is the latter part of an essay by Robert Hart, a founding mover of the forest gardening and permaculture movements.

The Tories are desperate – expect sickness

October 6th: What a few weeks it’s been in British politics.

Anarchists and admin

September 10th: One day, after a successful revolution, in that bit of political theory where Marxism tends towards anarchism, the State will wither away and we will no longer have the government of people but the administration of things.

Why does the left hate free speech? Interesting question…

August 27th: Since the election of Donald Trump, a right-wing discussion point which had long been burbling in national press outlets such as The Times and the Telegraph has spectacularly jumped into the spotlight — why does the Left hate free speech?

Solidarity and Empathy in the Summer of 2017

August 8th: The idea that we are in competition with each other for resources is perhaps the most corrosive myth we’ve created.

The edge of precarity: Squatting in England and emergency crisis planning

July 25th: In recent decades squatting has been under near constant assault from a variety of ruling class actors.