Urban environment and racial segregation

June 28th: The current protests led by the Black Lives Matter movement in the USA have brought forward worldwide the problem of racism, with a strength and clarity that has made it impossible for most of us to ignore the racial issues that are still present in most countries and communities around the world.

Deschooling Society: why Ivan Illich matters now

June 23rd: Ivan Illich, an Austrian Catholic priest and original social thinker, may not have identified as an anarchist, but his willingness to challenge received ideas and think outside the box about different aspects of society, certainly means that he shares the kind of radical questioning spirit characteristic of much Anarchist thought.

From Minneapolis to London: who polices the police?

May 30th: Many of us have been following recent events in Minneapolis where a community is resisting police terror following the murder of George Floyd, with outpourings of solidarity from across the world.

Schools Out! Make it Happen.

May 26th: Primary schools across England have been instructed to open their reception, year One and year Six classes on June 1st — the number of voices raised against this criminally insane plan is building among parents and teachers alike.

In the age of Corona anti-fascists need factual analysis, not meme research

May 16th: By now most people will have seen, and probably participated in, the outrage at the anti-lockdown ‘mass gatherings’ that are set to have taken place today in 8 towns and cities across England.

Lessons from COVID-19: How transformative justice and mutual aid can help to address harm in communities

May 12th: This article was originally published on the Transforming Society blog.

Coronavirus and your right to stay away from work

May 10th: On Sunday evening, Boris Johnson declared that it was time for the people of England to get back to work.

Wartime economics and post-pandemic battles

May 10th: The relentless recourse to the language of war to describe the public health emergency seems to signal a shift in mainstream economic debate.

Contribute to the Mayday Rooms Pandemic Notes Archive

May 2nd: “We need to create the place we’ll meet again.

Food, poverty, mutual aid: Reflections from Birmingham solidarity kitchen

April 27th: According to a recent report by The Food Foundation, 1.5 million people have reported going an entire day without food due to poverty during the coronavirus crisis.