Lessons from COVID-19: How transformative justice and mutual aid can help to address harm in communities

May 12th: This article was originally published on the Transforming Society blog.

Coronavirus and your right to stay away from work

May 10th: On Sunday evening, Boris Johnson declared that it was time for the people of England to get back to work.

Wartime economics and post-pandemic battles

May 10th: The relentless recourse to the language of war to describe the public health emergency seems to signal a shift in mainstream economic debate.

Contribute to the Mayday Rooms Pandemic Notes Archive

May 2nd: “We need to create the place we’ll meet again.

Food, poverty, mutual aid: Reflections from Birmingham solidarity kitchen

April 27th: According to a recent report by The Food Foundation, 1.5 million people have reported going an entire day without food due to poverty during the coronavirus crisis.

Tug of class war: Agamben vs Zizek on the impact of Covid-19

April 25th: Panos Theodoropoulos analyses a war of words which has broken out between two well-known political philosophers over the nature of State reactions to Covid-19 and the possibilities for liberatory politics, while trying to find a constructive synthesis of their key points.

Government quietly introduces new lockdown restrictions

April 23rd: At 11am yesterday (Wednesday 22.04.20), the government quietly tightened lockdown restrictions across England.

Anarchist farm: a revolutionary feast

April 17th: Food — or the potential lack of it — has played on a lot of people’s minds lately.

Mutual Aid Groups: Five reflections for ‘Activists’ going local for the first time

April 14th: Inspired by Anna Kleist‘s hot takes on an initial few weeks of local mutual aid organising in the UK, I was inspired to throw in a few (slightly longer!) additional reflections, building on some of the points in Anna’s list, and bringing a few more to the surface.

Legal: People are being criminalised for coronavirus offences that don’t exist.

April 3rd: Delirious with fevers and newly extended powers, British cops are well and truly out of control.