Freedom News

Media consolidation

April 22nd: Jason de Souza examines the monopolisation of media and its effects.

Notes from the US: Alarmingly degenerate

April 20th: If it weren't so disturbing, you might want to amuse yourself with the reaction of the right in the United States to current events.

As night follows day, repression follows Thatcherism

April 16th: The naïve ones believe that the economic system that is causing the trouble will also miraculously save us all.

Capitalist ambitions and an arrogance of deceit

April 3rd: There's a certain pathology, an attitude characteristic of capitalist politics with a distinctly British flavour.

The problem with Tax-Strike for Gaza

March 25th: On March 15 Novara Media put out an article on a new campaign which claims people can legally refuse to pay their taxes on moral grounds.

We don’t need a “Plethora of tactics”, We need a climate strategy: An anarchist communist’s response to Freedom News

March 23rd: In the spirit of starting a debate and dialogue, we republish this article from Conspiracy of the People in response to Matthew Azoulay's article in Freedom:

Extreme electioneering

March 16th: What a week to preach about extremism.

‘Für das Leben, gegen den Tod’ [For life, against death]

March 12th: Every single life lost to an ideology that claims superiority over others is a life that we must never forget and must never forgive the loss of.

We need a plethora of tactics

March 10th: Considering "metacrisis" and the ever greater need to re-embrace Bookchin's social ecology.

Alienation and affinity: Jacob Graham is not an “isolated” case

February 28th: Alienating those we are also imploring to be better, to be involved with the existing structures, is a contradiction in itself.