What the hell is happening in Poland? 

October 27th: I’m assuming you all already know that a massive protest movement took over Poland since last Thursday when the country’s constitutional tribunal ruled that abortion carried out when the foetus is malformed is against the constitution.

Old and jailing: Tories have prison population problems if unrest occurs

October 9th: A great number of aggressive new laws have been introduced in recent months, from £10,000 fines for organising protests (a dictator’s wet dream that one) to increasing maximum sentences for anything related to assault PC.

An anarchist & trade-unionist critique of education

October 4th: This essay is an attempt to further elucidate and elaborate on a previous article written about the British Eurocentric education curriculum.

Boris’s sentencing bonanza part 2.1: “A smarter approach to sentencing”

October 1st: This is the second part of Legal Andy’s series on the government’s latest sentencing proposals.

Boris’ Sentencing Bonanza – Part One

September 18th: This week, the Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, Robert “fuck the law” Buckland QC, launched a new white paper A Smarter Approach to Sentencing, which outlines the government’s latest proposals for punishing law breakers who aren’t members of the Tory party.

“Down and wriggling in the piss of ages”: Coketown

September 16th: Coketown By Barney Farmer Wrecking Ball Press, 2019 ISBN: 978-1-903110-68-3 If you’ve encountered Barney Farmer’s work at all, it’ll likely be for his cartoons with Lee Healey, published in Viz but also spreading across the internet: most notably Drunken Bakers, the bleakly compelling tale of a hellish alcoholic bakery, and the Male Online, a study

Tories are living in fear of direct action’s rise

September 7th: It took nearly two years but just one action for Extinction Rebellion to make it onto the Tories’ prestigious “so dangerous they should be illegal” list – not co-incidentally it was the first time they’d truly challenged the elites.

Understanding psychic numbing: can we grow numb to trauma?

September 6th: 2020 has been so far a year marked by an endless succession of issues; it would be hard to take them all into account, as each deserves a great deal of attention and should be discussed separately to be fully understood.

Legal: Do the new coronavirus restrictions make protests illegal?

September 5th: Update 16/09/20 – Shortly after the article below was published, the government reduced the maximum size of (most) legal gatherings from 30 to 6.

How did the Belarusians come to rebellion against the dictatorship

August 11th: If you had asked people in Belarus how long the dictatorship of Lukashenko has left in early 2020, they would have looked at you like a fool.