Assessing the far right in Johnson’s Britian

January 7th: A few months ago, well before any election was on the horizon, we wrote an article for Freedom laying out some post election scenarios and anticipating what that would mean for the far right and it’s ability to organise.

“All we have is each other”: Working class solidarity in the face of a Tory future

January 4th: D.

Left musical wave defies the far-right and Brexit

December 30th: Having worked around the music industry for many years, mainly as an organiser of benefit gigs and now running an online platform, I can say that artists are rightly fearful about what may soon occur.

The left’s generation crisis: How can we grow without seeds?

December 24th: Now they’re definitively out of the driving seat at Westminster many of the usual left pundits are having (another) Damascene conversion to a long term project of “rebuilding class power” at the grassroots — but who’s going to do it?

Critical Review: Solanas and Getino – Towards a Third Cinema

December 22nd: A libertarian look at the classic 1969 communist, anti-imperialist manifesto of Fernando Solanas and Octavio Getino (also shown in their film The Hour of the Furnaces) considering the necessity of using film and culture to promote revolutionary practice while denouncing Western influence over “ex” colonies.

Review: ‘Mix Café: A memoir of Laurieston Hall, 1972-77

December 18th: “We all have breakfast at different times” — E.T.C Dee reviews this new take on a famed housing co-op by one of its founding members.

Governments always overestimate what people will tolerate

December 14th: From Chile to Hong Kong, through Catalonia to France — it has been kicking off everywhere.

13/12: Don’t mourn, organise.

December 13th: As we celebrate our ACAB day, let us disempower, disarm and disband the police and dare to dream of a world without cops.

The battle’s done – and we need more weapons

December 13th: It’s not fun to weigh in today amid the sadness of watching a triumphant, smug parade of Tory scumbags mouthing off about how they intend to stick it to the poor this time — but we can’t sit still when the new class war is on its way.

13/12: A brief ABC of ACAB

December 12th: Regardless of who is voted in, two aspects of the social order will remain almost unnoticed, untouched and untroubled by a change of colour in the ties of our rulers.