Your guide to 2017 anarchist bookfairs in the British Isles


Every year the anarchist movement has its biggest get-together at the London Anarchist Bookfair at the end of October. But there’s a lot of similar events going on between now and then, and we’ve done a roundup below so you’re never short of a book or two.

January 28th: Derry Radical Bookfair
Venue: Pilots Row Community Centre, Rossville Street

The Radical Bookfair will play host to participants from all over Ireland and beyond. It will take place during a week of events hosted as part of the Bloody Sunday March for Justice leading up to the annual Bloody Sunday March, with a series discussions and debates, film and theatre centred around a wide range of local, national and international contemporary social justice issues.

The collective is making a special effort to bring radical small publishers who wouldn’t usually be seen in mainstream bookshops, covering local, national and international interests including social and labour history as well as themes covering radical feminism, queer liberation, anarchism, marxism, republicanism and environmentalism.

There will also be a number of campaign groups tabling stalls highlighting ongoing human rights and social justice issues.

More details on tabling stalls and participants click on to:

February 18th: Cardiff Anarchist Bookfair
Venue: Cathays Youth & Community Centre, 36 Cathays Terrace
Starting 10am

Hosting workshops, talks and debates, plus a hall full of stalls, food, live music and much more. Afiach are also releasing compilations ‘If It Was Easy They Wouldn’t Call It A Struggle’ and ‘Prosecute The Arms Dealers’ to coincide with this years’ bookfair. One of the compilations will be raising money for Stop The Cardiff Arms Fair, and the other for Cardiff Defendant Solidarity.

To host a talk or workshop, or have a stall, email [email protected]

Facebook event updates

April 1st: Liverpool Anarchist Bookfair
Venue: The Black-E, 1 Great George Street

Local stalls confirmed from Solfed, hunt sabs and the anti-fascist network with more to come, plus afterparty! Many more details TBA, keep an eye on their Facebook page

Dublin Anarchist Bookfair

Now in its 12th year, no official word yet, but likely enough to put here. Organised by the Workers Solidarity Movement, keep an eye out for their updates.

May 20th: Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair
Venue: Showroom & Workstation, 15 Paternoster Row

The Sheffield bookfair is one of the longer-running around Britain, with this being its eighth year of hosting a wide range of stalls, talks and film screenings. Details and audio of some meetings from previous years can be found in their archive here.

Further details TBA, keep an eye on their website.

Info on rates and an application form can be found at the bookfair’s “For vendors, groups & activists” page. To get in touch email [email protected]


June 24th: London Radical Bookfair
Venue: Goldsmiths University, New Cross

Organised by the Alliance for Radical Booksellers and featuring the annual Bread and Roses award for radical literature, the London Radical Bookfair is fast becoming a fixture in the activist summer calendar.

More info to follow, updating on their Facebook page. For enquiries email Cristina at cristina[at]housmans[dot]com

October 28th (provisional): London Anarchist Bookfair

It’s not been confirmed yet, but the London Anarchist Bookfair has historically been on the last weekend in October. The biggest gathering of anarchists in Britain and always full of fascinating talks, workshops and of course more books than you can shake a red and black stick at. Many smaller publishers including Freedom launch their latest titles on the day.

For updates, check their website and Facebook pages.

December?: Manchester & Salford Anarchist Bookfair

Details TBA, keep an eye on their Facebook page. For enquiries, [email protected]


Will they/won’t they

Bristol: Held their last bookfair in April 2016, but there’s a shortage of volunteers to do it again this year and they’re not sure if it’ll happen. [email protected] for enquiries or to get involved.

Norwich: Happened in August last year, the organisers feel it went well and are hoping to do it again in 2017 but no details as yet. 2016 event here.

Bradford: The 1in12 Club doesn’t always do Bookfairs, but when it does they’re interesting. Last time was September 2014

Belfast: Usually held around mid-October but nothing announced yet, updates here.


Have we missed you out? Get in touch with us via [email protected] or @freedom_paper. For a listing of bookfairs worldwide, check out the anarchist bookfairs blog

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