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150 years on, St Imier is thriving

July 19th sees the first sessions of a five-day celebration of anarchist thought in the Swiss border town that hosted the visionaries of a definitive, and historic, break with Marxism. St Imier is as far as history tells, one of those legendary events which would mark the moment in which anarchism finally nailed itself to

Switzerland: Call to support the ZAD de la Colline

In Switzerland, a few kilometers from Lausanne, the multinational cement company LaFargeHolcim seeks to expand the exploitation of the limestone quarry which consumes and attacks the Mormont hill: the area with remarkable flora and fauna. The quarry’s expansion threatens to engulf the hill’s protected forest, its unique biodiversity, its history and the cultivated lands which

Last chance for squats in Holland and Switzerland

Two squats under attack from the authorities are mobilising to beat back the latest round of evictions on the European scene. Writing on Indymedia Netherlands, Bajesdorp in Amsterdam explained they are on the front line of a major redevelopment project due to be on the agenda of council meetings today, the ¨bestemmingsplan.¨ They said: Our