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‘Healthy and positive’ communities: Facebook and the restriction of political content

Recently Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he and his team are working on stopping political content from circulating within the platform in order, as he puts it, to “make sure that the communities that people connect with are healthy and positive” (advancing the technocratic logic of “blissful” life freed from political deliberation). This comes

A response to fake news

We can picture the relationship between freedom of speech and democracy as a beautiful love story. The two depend on each other and the absence of one means the end of the other; they can challenge each other and sometimes clash and, through this process, grow and change. Freedom of speech has propelled history, created

Free speech for presidents

Following the short-lived occupation of the US Capitol building, Twitter and a number of other social media platforms have banned US President Donald Trump. Predictably, this led to #thisis1984 trending on Twitter, with the right decrying the ban as Orwellian. Brendan O’Neill of Sp!ked – the publication which leads the advance of terrible opinions from