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‘Rehabilitation revolution’

A brave new outsourced world? Another month of Coalition policy making gone by and more of the already tarnished veneer of the ‘Rehabilitation Revolution’ has peeled away to further reveal what we already knew: a) that the policy bares little or no resemblance to anything any rational person would consider to be in any way

A Sideways Look: education

(originally published in Freedom, May 2012) In all the opposition to education cuts and the ramping up of fees, adult education hasn’t had a lot of airtime. There are basically four reasons people want adult education: for basic skills, to learn something they need to improve their job opportunities, for fun and to have a second

Broke but making films

An interview with long-serving anarchist Greg Hall, who is an award-winning film-maker, writer and director of The Plague (2004), Kapital (2007) and SSDD (2010). He has recently finished shooting the film Bruised (2012). How did you come across radical politics? The first event that evoked a political response in me was the anti-war build up before the attack on Iraq.

Freedom, May 2012

May 2012 issue of Freedom After a slight delay, the May 2012 issue is now out and available either directly from Freedom Bookshop or from other good radical bookshops or social centres. Stockists: » Freedom Bookshop, London » Housmans bookshop, London » LARC, London » 56a Infoshop, London » Newham Bookshop, London » Pogo Cafe, London » Rough Trade, east London » Rough Trade,