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Freedom’s Yuletide crossword

ACROSS3. Anti-platformism Russian mole? (6)4. Ursula’s world (8)6. No love for Hamburg hipsters (6)7. From the river (9)9. The ‘others’ for Sartre (4)10. Lucy doesn’t like priests (7)14. Wilde’s realisation of utopia (8)15. Peter once lived near the public school (6)16. Warmongers Inc. (5)17. Albert couldn’t paint them to glister (6) DOWN1. A mint popular

Quartets, December ‘22

ACROSS 9. Nearly receiving a gift of bitumen, is it what you were aiming for? (9)10. Left a pub when what the UK left caused boredom (5)11. Light sources left in dances dancing (7)12. A limb in a birds limb, that’s cosy (7)13. Phosphorus Yankee heads to eastern Europe country for love of fire (9)14.