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Liberation and Reparation: witness account from Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March

Yesterday saw the Afrikan Emancipation Day Reparations March held in Brixton, London. The annual event commemorates the passing of the Abolition of Slavery Act 1833 and calls for reparations for African nations and descendants of slaves. By the Slave Compensation Act 1837, slave owners were paid large sums of money, however, nothing was offered to


1981, 2017, 2020 In the 39 years since Menelik Shabazz documented the Black People’s Day of Action in the aftermath of the New Cross massacre, in his seminal documentary ‘Blood ah go Run’, what has changed for Black British people? Black and brown people still perish by flame; as we witnessed in the abject events

Rallies kick off fortnight of action against mass deportations

A march through Brixton, South London today following on from Wednesday’s demonstration at the Nigerian High Commimssion has kicked off a two-week campaign by the Movement For Justice By Any Means Necessary against British charter flight deportations, used to forcibly expel migrants en masse. The campaign is part of an international action in Nigeria, Jamaica and