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Police return rescued beagle puppies to animal testing facility

2 Beagle puppies, affectionately named ‘Love’ and ‘Libby’, have been returned to MBR Acres by Cambridgeshire police after they were seized on Tuesday morning as Animal Rebellion rescued a further 18 dogs from the facility. This has caused outrage as it is widely believed the dogs will be euthanised or sent for painful testing and

Negotiations Begin for Release of Beagles ‘Love and Libby’ captured by Police, 14 Rescuers Detained

Update: The Police have received over 400 phone calls today demanding the release of Love and Libby. They have started responding to emails asking people to stop contacting them as “their systems can’t take it”. Peterborough Police Station: 01480 456111 18 beagle puppies have been successfully freed from animal testing ‘hell’. Organisations rally to free