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Spain: Comments on the general election

With the left and right deadlocked, syndicalist union the CGT notes the far-right is no less of a threat for its failure to enter government and whoever wins, improvements can’t be expected for the working class without direct struggle.

On July 23rd we saw new political elections in Spain and, as always, it was not in the script to change the situation of the working class. The results of these elections lead us to a continuation of the Europeanist policies established by the troika in Brussels.

Let us not forget that once again, despite an increase in electoral participation, more than 10 million people decided not to exercise their right to vote.

These abstention numbers reinforce a position that the CGT and anarcho-syndicalists more generally have been expressing for decades: the need to create a society based on self-organisation, mutual support and solidarity is more necessary than ever. It would be a serious mistake to think that the ultra-right was stopped because it will not be able to form a government. What is really worrying and needs to be stopped is the message of hate that has been permeating part of society for some time now, which directly attacks our freedoms. and the rights of groups such as the LGTBQI+ movement or the migrant movement.

The results of yesterday’s elections may be fated to end with the re-election of the current coalition government, something that, despite being the only real option possible against the extreme right, does not offer us any peace of mind, as it is enough to look back to remember the countless occasions in which that this government has turned its back on the working class, being more on the side of the bosses and the interests of capitalism than those it claims to represent.

The Gag Law is still in force, the PPPSOE labor reforms have not yet been revoked, although it is true that the last attempt at reform was diluted to the point that the bosses themselves supported it, which is surprising. The Social Security Reform leads to the privatisation of pensions with the reinforcement and implementation of private pension plans, the gradual privatization of basic public services such as education, health, transport and a long term, etc… Not to mention the Foreigners’ Law, which leaves a large part of the migrant population without rights, while we keep them in villages working in situations that are often semi-slavery, in terrible conditions.

In view of this, from the CGT we are even clearer about the need to build spaces for self-organisation as a model of pressure to force legislative changes, and in which the role of classist and combative unions, supported by social movements, is fundamental to continue fighting against the far right and pave the way for a more just and feminist society.

These changes in society that we seek will not come alone, and the mobilisation that we carry out in the coming years will be essential to achieve them. Citizens cannot and must not be satisfied with voting every four years and leaving everyone’s future in the hands of a few; the working class needs to understand that, without strong social mobilisation, whoever is in government will make policies according to the will and dictates of the economic powers.

Struggle is the only way!

~ Permanent Secretariat of the Confederal Committee of the CGT

Pic: CGT rally

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