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Get Boris done in

Get Boris done in

This text first appeared in the newly released Class War magazine. You can read it here.

A year into the Boris Johnson administration and his incompetence is obvious. “Wouldn’t it be fun if we had the clown stuck on the zipwire as Prime Minister?” No, it wouldn’t. Typically, the Tories chose their leader because they knew he had a popularity that could get them into power for another Parliamentary term and probably more.

Two issues have dominated politics in his first year in high office: Covid and Brexit. On Covid he has shown just how easily bullied he is by his own, Thatcherite backbenchers. He probably hasn’t felt so fragile since he had his head stuffed down the toilet at Eton by the older boys, giving him a damned good flushing. He’s needy and insecure and will do anything to be liked, including keeping an economy open, resulting in the deaths of over 80,000 people, the vast majority from the working class.

His neediness is killing us. If there’s something worse than government, it’s nasty, Tory government. Worse than that, though, he’s fucking shit at it. He can’t make decisions. He doesn’t seem to want to be there most of the time and yet we are struck with him, while he dreams about being remembered like Churchill, despite having no clue what to do. Churchill might well have been a complete twat but he generally wanted power in order to achieve something. Johnson has wanted power all his life, simply because power exists.

Shortly we will reach 100,000 Covid deaths. We must remember who is to blame. It was Johnson and his government who failed to get a grip in the early days of the pandemic last year. People were not tested when they entered the country or quarantined. Lockdown was nothing like the lockdowns of Spain and France for example, and it came too late. In September it was clear another was needed but it didn’t turn up until November. After wrecking Christmas he sent us into a third lockdown, late again, in early January. The Covid deaths are now reaching the levels we suffered, as a class, due to austerity. The last 11 years of Tory rule have already cost us an estimated 130,000 lives because of austerity. Now, Johnson’s Covid bungling is going to add to, and surpass, that figure.

He was elected to get Brexit done, but we know that there is no such thing. Leaving the EU has left a lot up in the air. It has split the working class into remainers and leavers. It has harmed working-class migrants and it has done nothing to make our class more powerful. It is time we put division behind us and united around the enemy. The ruling class of bumbling clown politicians speak for the bosses and only the bosses. On Covid and on everything else, their demands are that we work for a pittance, while they lounge around “self-isolating” in the luxurious grounds of their massive houses. They want to keep the economy going because it doesn’t matter to them how many of us die, which borders we can’t afford to cross or whether we’re employed or not. They know that they will always be able to recruit one of to replace another. That is our sad reality in Boris Johnson’s Britain, and we must get it sorted.

Jon Bigger

Photo by Matt Brown, published under CC BY 2.0. Grafitti artist unknown.

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