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No one left alone in the hands of the state: Greek prison Solidarity Fund calls for emergency support

No one left alone in the hands of the state: Greek prison Solidarity Fund calls for emergency support

The Greek Prison Solidarity Fund have commenced an online fundraiser, asking for emergency support during the time of COVID-19.

COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown across the globe continue to have a massive impact on our lives: many are struggling to make ends meet and worrying about the future; some are struggling with the lockdown itself, some others have nowhere to lockdown at. The prisoners are particularly affected: in the UK, Greece and beyond. As we reported at Freedom (1, 2, 3), the consequence of COVID in prisons is, frankly, horrific: and that’s on top of the general condition of being captured by the state.

The Solidarity Fund in Greece started in in 2010, and since then continuously provides regular and consistent political, moral and material support for the country’s ever-growing number of political prisoners. The days of COVID-19 are the most difficult time in the Fund’s history. On one hand, the situation in prisons in Greece is dramatic, with zero anti-COVID measures undertook. On the other, the Fund itself was forced to shut down all their regular activities intended to bring cash necessary to carry on their support of those imprisoned by the Greek state. This situation is really difficult both for the supported prisoners and the people involved in the fund.

The hard work of organisations such as the Solidarity Fund is needed now more than ever. If you are able, please donate. You may also help by sharing the fundraiser link in your networks and groups.

Read more about the Solidarity Fund and its activities:

Link to the Firefund fundraising page:

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