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The frontline is everywhere: Communique from a comrade in Syria

On the day of a Call to Action against Turkey’s invasion of Rojava, Syria, in a week where there was mass civil disobedience on the streets of London, molotovs and State-murder in Hong Kong, and police taken hostage in indigenous protests in Ecuador, we got in touch with one of our machine-gun-strapping, Isis-blapping, fascist-fragging anarchist comrades to find out how they are responding to the long-expected betrayal by former US allies and the next phase of persecution by Recep Erdogan’s mob.

Speaking to us from inside the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, our comrade had the following to share as they enjoyed a dinner of fried eggs with their unit.

All around us are rooftops, echoing with the boom of occasional artillery hits as drones buzz overhead. On the not-to-distant border, we can see fires from where our friends have hit a tank, as they try to gain ground on the Turkish jihadis. In the streets each day more people leave and more and more shops close, and that means there are way more of the youth out. The youth here are hard as fuck. They patrol the city armed to the teeth, organising the defences. Right now, they’re covering the streets with blankets and tarp so drones and jets can’t see. They take turns on the front for a few hours each every day.

Everyone is rallying round, barricading doors and windows, getting the piss bucket ready to chuck from the roof, the mood like when you just got a high court order and are prepping to mount an eviction resistance. Except here we’re loading up belts for our bixies [machine guns], filling all the spare AK mags we can find and making explosives in the kitchen.

Revolution. Nowhere else is there actual anarchism-in-action on this level. It’s bigger than Chiapas in terms of number of people and area. The movement here wouldn’t ever call themselves anarchists, but they accept us and our shared political heritage. The whole spectrum of leftists is represented, anarchists, Marxist-Leninists, Apoists (PKK supporters) and democratic-socialist types.

Everyone except Trots. We don’t have any Trots.

If you want to know how to support us, it’s three simple things.

Direct action.

Direct action.

Direct action.

Turkey is heavily reliant on weapon imports particularly from British Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Rheinmetal in Germany. Shut these fuckers down. Target the Turkish state and their commercial empire across Europe.  Make sure every spare wall has images and words of our resistance, and pictures of our martyrs like our dear comrade Hêlîn Qereçox [Anna Campbell].

This is the best shot we’ve had since the Paris Commune to make another world work right here. If you are not supporting it you are not living your politics. You don’t have to travel here to support the revolution, there is a massive battle to be fought at home. While we are fighting street by street with our AKs and RPGs, so you must be out with a determination to disrupt the weapon-mongers. Show us the kind of solidarity I know the anarchist movement in Europe is capable of, that we have seen at G20, that we have seen in Hambach forest, in the ZAD.

We need it now more than ever.

I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else in the world right now.


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