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Police accused of dangerous actions in anti-gas activist arrest

Officers tackled a protector at West Newton, near Hull, allegedly knocking him unconscious — and then dragged him away without offering medical attention, supporters said.

Peanut, who had been blockading in an effort to hinder access to Raithlin Energy’s drill site on Piper’s Lane, was at the gates yesterday after a confrontation with police had ended. According to witnesses, officers showed up again later and rugby tackled him, knocking him out as his head hit the ground.

A protector said:

“He was obviously suffering from the head injury and seemed dizzy from concussion. Unable to speak they pulled him up off the floor all floppy and leant him against their legs. They waited for their wagon and NOT an ambulance. 

“We’re really stressed that they can arrest an unconscious man, refuse him medical attention, keep him for 26 hours then send him to court. Please get to Piper’s Lane and support him in court.”

At the time of writing Peanut is thought to still be in a cell on remand and likely to be kept inside until Monday – he is due to appear at Hull Magistrates Court from 9.30am.

The West Newton site is being touted as possibly the largest onshore gas find in Britain for nearly 50 years, and has attracted significant investment despite ever-increasing calls to reduce fossil fuel extraction in the face of climate change. Testing operations at its second site are expected in the third quarter of this year.

First approved for test drills last November, the site has sparked significant local opposition, with several people having been arrested and charged with obstruction-related offences.

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