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Germany: brutal treatment of arrested antifascists

According to a statement issued yesterday by the Rote Hilfe OG Leipzig, a worrying incident occurred last month in Germany. On the evening of 25th April in south part of Leipzig, a riot police unit seized four young people who were spray-painting walls with slogans against a neo-nazi Mayday march to be held in another German city, Chemnitz. The arrest was a surprise, as graffiti activity is nothing unusual in this part of Leipzig and usually does not bring such police attention. What’s more, all four arrested were under the age of 16. 

Following the arrests, the young antifascist were pepper sprayed and excessive force was used on them. Before being taken to the police station, they were brutally beaten and injured in their stomachs, heads and ribs. They were also threatened with more violence, and one, while being handcuffed, had his mouth stuffed with a lighter and banknotes found in his pockets. Another one was forced by the police bullies to kneel on the floor in front of an empty chair before being grabbed by the neck and pulled up.

After establishing the arrestees’ identity, the cops did not, as they were legally obliged, inform their parents. The kids’ complaints, questions and objections about the police behaviour were met with further  insults and threats of violence.  Eventually they were released after several hours of capture and mistreatment by the police.

The Rote Hilfe OG statement reads:

Once again, the incident with the sadistic maltreatment by the cops in the neighborhood shows clearly on whose side the Saxon police and their scrounged chain dogs are standing. The political wind blows in the Free State of Saxony and the whole Federal Republic from the right, the troops of the CDU state government are no exception. Anti-fascism is a thorn in their side, their rule of law a hollow phrase.

We call on the radical left in Leipzig to show solidarity with the abused comrades. Create publicity, create solidarity and do not leave our young comrades alone!

United we stand!


Source: Rote Hilfe OG Leipzig

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