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The misery of Generation Identity Conference

Last weekend fascists from alt- right group Generation Identity held the ‘European Reunion’ conference in London. The main purpose of the conference was to increase their presence in the UK.

Generation Identity, Europe’s answer to  alt- right movement in the US, originates in France. In short, GI aims to make racism modern and fashionable: mostly by spreading white nationalist propaganda dressed in hipster aesthetics, and spending excessive amounts of time explaining how progressive and not at all racist they are.They try to sell racism as, simply, common sense.

Despite of high security measures, including not disclosing the venue of the conference until the start day last Saturday and requesting all participants to provide full names, contact details and social media profile details upon registration, ‘European Reunion’ was plagued by setbacks from the beginning. International speakers Abel Bodi from GI Hungary and Martin Sellner of GI Austria were detained and deported at the border (while we don’t in any way advocate or lobby for state intervention in these affairs, we can’t help to laugh at the irony of white-supremacists who call for closed borders against ethnic minorities getting turned away themselves). Another international speaker, Lorenzo Fiato, did not show up, citing illness as reason.

It is understood that the venue was also changed from its original location. Despite this, shortly after the conference began the venue was successfully tracked down by anti-fascists to The Stag Community Arts Centre in Sevenoaks outside of London.

Various groups of anti-fascists along with autonomous anarchists made their way to Sevenoaks to confront Generation Identity. The management  of The Stag, upon realising who they are hosting, called off the fascist conference and made GI leave. Then GI  announced their intention to regather at another location in Sevenoaks, which just turned out to be a restaurant.  By this time some anti-fascists had arrived at Sevenoaks, and a confrontation took place in a local car park.

Some people on both sides came out a little worse for wear, but Generation Identity were made to know that they were not welcome in Sevenoaks or anywhere else for that matter. Local residents were made aware of the situation as police arrived to escort the conference participants to a pub, which they sat at protected by the cops while anti-fascists regrouped and gathered at the main train station. Unfortunately as people were leaving back to London a member of Generation Identity’s security detail went to the police and fingered one anti-fascist who was unable to get on the train before being arrested on allegation of assault. Video footage of the car park scuffle later clearly showed the GI snitch to be the one who was throwing punches at anti-fascists.

All in all it was a bad day out for GI – almost all of their international speakers were stopped from attending, they lost their original venue, had to hold the conference outside London, had to book the venue under false pretences and were kicked out when the venue was made aware, they had major technical difficulties during a thoroughly boring live stream, the conference lasted less than half the time it was supposed to, the venue was discovered by anti-fascists and Generation Identity were shown that people are prepared to confront their hateful ideas disguised as ‘free speech’. All this for a bergain price of £49 each conference participant had to pay to attend.

The next day, on Sunday 15th April, the GI-linked #120dB project in Germany held speeches at Hyde Park Speakers’ Corner. #120dB claims to be a feminist group and is peddling racist propaganda that most rapes and sexual assaults in Europe is committed by migrants (and especially muslims). Recently #120dB launched a YouTube video, authored by Abel Bodi. We will not link to it here, but just so you know: it is approx 17 minutes of white women making claims such as that the majority (if not all) of rapes and sexual assults on women in Europe are committed by migrants, while repeatedly stating that they are not racist at all.

#120dB stands for 120 decibel: the level of noise a rape alarm makes. The GI ‘feminists’, in a video made by a man, claim that the need to carry such alarms occurs due to foreign men attacking white women. From women’s perspective, it is very hard to comprehend what is happening in heads of GI ladies. Women, in general, are scared of men, and there is a good reason for it. The ethnic origin of said men isn’t a significant factor here. Claiming that it is only non white of foreign men who attack women and partake in patriarchal society is just poorly discussed racism aiming at recruiting female members to a group dominated by men.

The Speakers’ Corner event also did not go as planned, with poor attendance from GI. Antifa showed up, eventually tracking GI and #120dB to the nearby pub, where, again, they sat while the police protected them from antifascists. The pub management, after realising who they are, refused to serve them drinks anymore and GI were escorted out by the cops. The manager then handed over whatever cash the alt- right managed to spend to Antifa, requesting it to be donated to a refugee support group.

It is worth noting that most of the attendees of the conference  were known GI members or thugs from the Democratic Football Lads Alliance – it is interesting to see who the members of this supposedly “non-violent” group are willing to make alliances with in order to keep their slimy hipsters safe. Said slimy hipsters came across as incredibly lame, and clearly taken advantage of by hardcore fash who are hoping to use them as a platform to go more mainstream, or ‘cool’.

Cool however they are not. They came across as a totally made up ‘movement’ with bad logo, bad website, terrible video making skills, zero organising skills and, most importantly, poorly disguised racist agenda. That agenda is easily detectable, to the point that they can not even sit in a pub in peace, or organize London conference for that matter. In summary: they are lame as fuck, and no matter how much they are willing to twist the events of last weekend to appear as a succesful group, they will remain lame and likely are facing the fate of their predecessors such as EDL.  But still, it is important that that people continue to get out on the streets and confront the creep of xenophobic ideology that is taking place across the UK and Europe.

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