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Germany: Antifa stops AfD march

AfD march in Rostock had to be cancelled mid way due to blockades on its route and security concerns.

Notwithstanding the recent polls indicating that AfD is the second most popular political party in Germany, only about 300 of its supporters gathered in Rostock on Monday evening to protest against the alleged “Islamization” of the city. They were joined by Ralph Weber: the AfD MP, and Rostock Identitarian Daniel Sebbin.

The fascists faced approx three times stronger counter protest, who, despite of heavy rain, gathered to oppose the them, under the slogan “Nazi-free Rostock”. The action was well executed, with various initiatives, associations, religious groups and anti-fascist groups mobilizing for a day.  On Sunday before the march, flyers were distributed across the city, explaining the connection between racism and capitalism and the anti-working class AfD. 

After initial skirmishes with the police and some of the fascist demonstrators, a significant portion of the anti-fascists seized the opportunity and blocked one of the streets where the fascists planned to march, leaving the AfD unable to move on. The fascists, after reaching mutual agreement with the police, dissolved the march.

Despite of  succesful Antifa action on Monday, it appears that AfD plans to march in Rostock regularly. It already registered another demonstration, also on Monday, for early April. That is also likely to meet with local protests.


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