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Five injured after attack on Greek anti-fascist center

Five people were injured and two taken to hospital after Golden Dawn attacked anti-fascist social center in Piraeus in Greece. The attackers smashed their way into the Favela Free Social Centre wearing helmets and chanting slogans in support of the extreme-right part. They screamed “you are going to die” before beating those gathered there for a weekly meeting with torches and iron bars.

The eight-strong group were chanting “blood, honor, Golden Dawn,” a slogan frequently used by the far-right party members and supporters. After the attack they sprayed the walls of the center with swastikas and fascist slogans.

“No one went home scared or terrified after the attack. People are determined to give a massive social response to the attacks, challenge the Nazis and send them where they fit, in the dustbin of history, as a nightmare memory.”, a statement at Favela’s facebook page read.

In next days, Favela will take part in Antifascist Intervention walk in the area and Antifa demonstration. It will also host a fundraiser to gather funds needed to repair the damage the attack caused at the space, and a press conference.

Among the five people injured is the lawyer representing the family of Pavlos Fyssas, a anti-fascist rapper who was stabbed to death by a Golden Dawn member in September 2013.

A total of 70 Golden Dawn members are currently on trial on a range of charges, including membership of a criminal organisation linked to the fatal stabbing of Fyssas and a string of attacks, some deadly, on migrants and opponents.

Within almost a year since Favela Social Centre opened, it has been a subject to numerous attacks from far right groups. Its facade has been painted with nationalist slogans, the locks were glued on three occasions, there was an attempted arson, and last August the Favela was also attacked by a group nazis. Four people were arrested by the counter-terrorism unit for this attack.


Image: Favela Facebook Page



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