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No Reforming Earth Destruction

“The Earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.” Utah Phillips

As we endure the first few weeks of the newly instated Teresa May regime an opportunity for anti authoritarians presents itself in after the abolition of the Department for Climate Change.

The post will now be included in the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. This approach throws the governments attitude towards the environment in stark relief – as a commodity to generate profits for corporations. This is nothing new, the environment and the natural world has always been at the ruling classes disposal. They profit from it with their  developed resource extraction mechanisms that destroy the planet for their “progress”. The abolition of of the department should not come as a surprise, if anything the new approach resembles an honest outlook.

With this re arranging the government is signalling that they have no desire to stop the attack on the natural world. This can also be seen with the drive towards hydraulic fracturing(fracking), the potential sell off of forests and green spaces and the likely expansion of the nuclear industry. More fundamentally though, the entire operation of industrial capitalism is based on importation of stolen and exploited resources from around the world, produced by wage slavery. There is no reforming this. The ruling class need to continuously gobble the earth’s resources to continue profiteering. With hundreds of animal species being driven to extinction every day, deforestation continuing and the ocean acidifying we can’t afford to waste any time. Getting involved with political parties can’t stop this either. The natural world can’t afford to wait for a new “green” political party and it will not be able to address the scale of the problem.

As the ecological crisis worsens by the day the urgency to dismantle not just the ruling class, but dominance over the natural world too, increases. Eco systems are already trashed and entire parts of the world need re-wilding if we are to have a fully habitable planet.

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