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London New Years Eve Prisoner Solidarity Demos

As is usually the case there are two prisoner solidarity demonstrations taking place in London this New Years Eve. North of the river London ABC are organising a noise demonstration starting at 8pm outside Pentonville Prison before moving on to HMP Holloway a short walk away. In South London another noise demonstration and speak out has been organised by a host of groups including London Campaign Against Police and State Violence, Black Dissidents and Defend the Right to Protest, starting at 6pm outside HMP Brixton.

New Years Eve prison solidarity demonstrations are a long running tradition all over the world. Making noise outside prisons and other secure facilities breaks the isolation often felt by those imprisoned by the state, especially at a this time of the year when prisoners can’t be with their friends and family.


As well as these demonstrations look out for other prison related actions in the near future. Good organisations to keep and eye on (and get involved with) include the London, Bristol and Brighton ABCs, Prison Abolition UK and Community Action Against Prison Expansion.

An International Day of Action in Solidarity with Trans Prisoners taking place on January 22nd 2016.


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